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there is nothing wrong with boys wearing girls clothes/underwear. often it can be difficult to tell if a girl is wearing clothing meant for a boy! my mum nd both my sisters used to dress me up from a very early age and we all had fun, it certainly removed any idea of the subject being taboo! it really encouraged openness and discussion about something that society as a whole struggles to understand sometimes. i am 28 now and 100% heterosexual, but i still very much enjoy wearing girls clothes/undies on occasion's. and my GF of 4 years loves it too! my oldest sister and i share a mortgage together now, and we often go underwear shopping together and have a great time! sometimes my GF will join us, sometimes my mum. im just so glad i have that kind of relationship with people who r close to me. discuss it, embrace it, get involved. you'll prob find it does your relationship and your family real good in the long run!

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Q: Is it normal for your 14-year-old son to like to wear your thongs?
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