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yes.i like to see her wearing pantyhose.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-23 18:21:49
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Q: Is it normal for your girl to wear pantyhose everyday?
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What do you were to Colombia?

Normal clothes that you wear everyday

Can you wear pantyhose over or under fishnet pantyhose?

Yes you can, but it is best to wear regular pantyhose UNDER the fishnets to achieve the best look.

Is a 9 year old girl to young for pantyhose?

In my opinion i think that any girl a any age would be OK to wear pantyhose. I mean just as long as there a white or tan color.

What clothes do Irish wear?

Normal, everyday clothes

The most women who wear pantyhose percapita?

The most women who wear pantyhose per capita are over 55 years old. Younger women do not feel the need to wear pantyhose, but will often wear leggings.

Should women wear panties under pantyhose?

It is a personal choice to wear or not to wear panties with pantyhose; However, in reality there is no need for the panty undergarment when wearing pantyhose as it has its own panty already.

What name brand pantyhose did lynda Carter wear on Wonder Woman?

what brand of pantyhose did lynda cater wear

Is it a sin to wear pantyhose?

No. It's just an article of clothing, worn underneath other clothes. It is Not a sin to wear pantyhose.

How many women on The Today show wear legg's pantyhose?

Generally I can wear a pair of pantyhose for eight to ten times.

Do woman love to wear pantyhose?

some women do love to wear pantyhose and some havent discovered how beautiful they look in them

Is it normal for a girl to wear a 36C bra?

There is no "normal" bra size. It varies from girl to girl.

What size pantyhose does Leah remini wear?

Regular waste top pantyhose mostly black pantyhose, leah remini pantyhose size you'll know by her weight!

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