Is it normal for your mate to look at other women and then deny looking?

Both men and women are attracted to other people and will look if they notice a beautiful person. Being involved with another person romantically does not change how beautiful other people are; there are simply customs in place in society that limit the amount of interaction romantically involved people are allowed to have outside of that mutual relationship.

Looking at other people is not wrong; it is completely normal. Also normal is the jealous response many people get from seeing their significant other looking at someone else.

We must understand that we are not the only attractive people in our significant others' lives and that just because they are looking at someone else doesn't mean that they are planning to leave us. Finding someone attractive and wanting to be with them romantically are two completely different things.

If a person looks at someone and their significant other notices, the person doing the looking will weigh the response, self-image/self-esteem, and feelings on the subject of their significant other as well as the likelihood of being able to fool their partner into thinking they were looking at something else, and they will produce a response based on that analysis. Most often, it will be to deny that they were looking at the other person.