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It is normal to start bleeding at any time during the sugar pills.

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Hello there, Because you had a normal period its unlikely as not every period or all periods have clots. But do a test to be sure hun. :o)

Your period will normally come one day earlier. You better avoid sex until your period comes.

Yes my wife still had her normal period with our second child for about 6 months into the 9 month's. The period's stopped after that all was normal.

Ive had 2 Ectopic pregnancies. First time i was 6 weeks long and i got my period as normal though it continued on for the whole time i was pregnant. My second Ectopic pregnany i was 8 weeks along and got my period normally. So yes you can get your period with an ectopic pregnancy

If your period arrives on the 1st of the month and then you have a second period on 28-31st of that month then this is normal. If your cycle is not like the one above then this isn't normal. Se your doctor as you may have a hormonal imbalance or be pregnant.

No i dont think that is normal. Go see a docter sweetheart for a professional opinion.

Plug in a second controller, do a normal race, press X (for ps2) on the second controller and play as you normally would.

A normal period is between 3-7 days with a gap of 15-20 days between periods. It varies from person to person as you may have noticed in the numbers, but if you are afraid your period is not right, you can contact a doctor. If you have just had your first period (or second, third or fourth), it is not unusual that you are not regular or have a "normal" menstruation period yet.

No you really shouldn't be having your period while pregnant and the second part would be normal if you weren't pregnant.

This is normal. The pill will not begin working until you have been on it for 4 weeks. After this time you can have unprotected intercourse.

ANSWERFIRST, if you already had normal period (not short! not light!_ - pregnancy should not be expectedSECOND, in general 4-5 days before expected period are not fertile.

It is normal for a women to have 2 periods. If the period stops for a day or a couple days then starts again it is normal. But it is always safe to check and see if you are pregnant.~Taylor

It is normal for menstrual flow to contain the stringy black things you have described. They are probably small blood clots.

If your period is late and you have been having sex without using anything to prevent pregnancy, you should take a pregnancy test.

The answer is the second period

That depends if she is new to the whole period thing. When I was ten I got my first period in August then my second in November. But some 10 year old girls, that had their period, will get their monthly period and some will have irregular (which is normal after your first period.) So that is a 50/50 chance.

Only if your pregnancy was big enough say on the your second trimester but normally should go back to normal, mostly it would be your breasts that would be bigger for a month or so then back to normal.

i know when my second last period was when am i due?

Oxygen is in the second period.

Only as normal as you make it.