Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after wisdom teeth extraction?

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What can you eat after you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

These are the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth are pulled: . ice cream . frozen yogurt . cold applesauce . mashed potatoes . cold tomato soup . non-frozen yogurt . cold pudding . If you want to get nutrients, drink a cold health shake throughout the day - such as Ensure or Slim Fast . ( Full Answer )

What to eat after wisdom teeth extraction?

Having had this procedure myself, start with soups, or very soft foods. Avoid crunchy, or chewy foods, even if chewed with your front teeth, you could get pieces lodged in the holes, or even tear stitches (if you got them), not to mention the pain if a piece of hard food gets stuck in them!

Is numbness in the chin lips or gums normal after the extraction of wisdom teeth?

If that's all you have, you are probably lucky. The numbness is probably the result of nerves that run through the chin being disturbed (hopefully they were not torn clean out...a dental surgeon did this, right? Not your old Army buddy?. If you are not in pain you probably will be soon enough, and ( Full Answer )

Wisdom teeth extractions?

Patients often feel a sensation of pressure or tugging during theactual extraction process. The area over the affected tooth isrubbed with a topical numbing agent, after which a needle with ananalgesic numbing fluid such as a Novocain is injected into thearea. Depending on the location of the wisdom ( Full Answer )

Does the eruption of wisdom teeth hurt?

yep! it does let your dentist check it and give you antibiotics to lessen the pain, they will also recommend that you get your teeth a panaromic xray.

Do teeth extractions hurt?

When you go to get a tooth pulled there is a reason, maybe it was already hurting. The dentist will put you to sleep for a minute or give you a shot to numb the area, you will feel little to nothing when it gets pulled. And nearly every time, after the tooth is pulled you will feel much, much better ( Full Answer )

If you get your wisdom teeth removed does it hurt?

Yes, you probably will feel some kind of pain upon having your wisdom teeth removed. If you like, you can be put to sleep so you don't feel the actual removal of the wisdom teeth. Afterwards, you will probably have pain for at least a couple of days. But the pain shouldn't last much longer than a fe ( Full Answer )

Do your other teeth hurt when you get wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth can definitely crowd your mouth and push on your other teeth, which may cause discomfort or even pain inside your mouth A few years ago I was told by a dentist that my wisdom teeth were not a problem and would not need to be pulled, but then a couple months ago I got a terrible toothach ( Full Answer )

Can wisdom teeth hurt your jaw?

The wisdom teeth can in fact hurt your jaw if there is no enoughroom for them to grow properly in your jaw bone. Wisdom teeth havehigh possibility of getting impacted as a result of smaller jawbones. One of the most common reasons is to inherit the jaw sizefrom one parent and teeth size from another ( Full Answer )

Do wisdom teeth hurt?

Not unless there is a problem in cutting them or they are decayed or broken off. They are like other molars except they come in last.

Jaw hurts and cracks when i move it after wisdom teeth this normal?

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and I am experiencing the same complication. My jaw is tender and sore and I have had to ice it frequently to keep it comfortable. I find that the pain is greater at night and after I eat. I ice it for 20 mins whenever it feels bad and that usually does the trick. ( Full Answer )

Wisdom teeth extracted and spitting?

You really should try NOT to spit after an extraction of any tooth. You can get something called dry socket - ouch! painful. Just hold onto a tissue and let it drool out. Sounds horrible I know but, you will develop a blood clot where the tooth was pulled and spitting can dislodge the clot and it ( Full Answer )

Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth out?

It didn't hurt me very much, but other people I know have said otherwise. My advise get a good oral surgeon and have them really knock you out, and I think they gave me some laughing gas or nitrous oxide. That's really made me feel great and overall I was pretty out of it. But it only started to hur ( Full Answer )

How do you stop your wisdom teeth from hurting?

Get an ice pack for your jaw. If it hurts too bad I'd schedule a dentist appointment to get x-rays. The dentist will dtermine if you need to get them out, which most of the time a lot of people get theirs out.

Bruised palate after wisdom teeth extraction?

A bruised palate after the extraction of wisdom teeth is notuncommon. This generally heals within just a few days. Drinkingcool liquids will sometimes help with the pain.

Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth removed?

You will be under an anesthetic when you get your wisdom teeth removed, so no, it will not be painful when you are undergoing surgery. However, your mouth may be in pain after the surgery, so your doctor will prescribe you some powerful painkillers and you will be just fine.

Will wisdom teeth extraction hurt when on laughing gas?

If you are properly anesthesized by the gas, you won't feel anything the entire time. In most cases, you may be still under the effect after the surgery so get some help leaving and don't plan on driving. The only advice I have related to this is to immediately get the prescriptions filled and take ( Full Answer )

Should you get your wisdom teeth extraction with a cold?

No. I'm not a dentist, so I couldn't tell you that a cold will directly interfere with the surgery. However, the recovery may be more difficult with a cold. With a stuffy nose, you may be forced to breathe through your mouth. After wisdom teeth extraction, you will have stitches in your mouth and sp ( Full Answer )

Can you smoke directly after you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

You can pack the site with moist gauze, bite down and then inhale...this will keep the clot in the tooth. You must use moist gauze for each smoke for 3 days, or 8 days for a wisdom tooth. How do I know? I am a smoker and have had two teeth pulled this month alone on separate occasions. If you kee ( Full Answer )

Do getting your wisdom teeth out hurt?

The dentists are there to make it not hurt. Just make sure youdon't smoke anything, don't drink from straws and stuff like that,basically don't suck on anything, If you do, you could get drysocket, which I've heard is very very painful.

What is the cost of wisdom teeth extraction with anesthesia?

The cost of removing wisdom teeth can vary greatly, depending on a number of factors: 1. How many teeth are being removed? Sometimes not all wisdom teeth require removal. 2. How impacted are the wisdom teeth? Full boney impactions are usually the most costly because they are often the most com ( Full Answer )

Does it hurt the day you get your wisdom teeth out?

Yes, but if you are put under with anesthesia you will be quite out of it the first two days and mostly sleep. They give you pain pills, usually percocet or vicodin. Take advantage of your days off and relax!

Can you eat pasta after wisdom teeth extracted?

Always follow your dentist's instructions. They will probably include not eating anything for a certain amount of time after the tooth is extracted, but after that eating pasta should be fine.

Can you drive after extracting your wisdom teeth?

Wait a day or so, you may still be a little groggy from the medication, better to be safe than sorry.I fyou had extractions without medication, you will be sore and not feel like driving anywhere.

Can you get staph infection from wisdom teeth extraction?

I'm not a doctor, but it would seem as If I have. I had my upper wisdom teeth extracted about 2yrs ago. Almost immediately after surgery I got food stuck up in there and was not able to get it out. About 2 months after surgery the pain and swelling started. Since then it comes and goes. I notice tha ( Full Answer )

What should you eat after wisdom teeth extraction?

You Can Eat Whatever You Can Swallow. You Don't Want To Eat Hard Food Because You Don't Want Pressure On Your Mouth After The OP. The Best Thing For You To Eat Is Soup Because If You Put Food In The Soup (Potatoes, Carrots ect.) You Will Be Able To Mash It On The Top Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue. ( Full Answer )

Your wisdom teeth hurt after 6 days is that normal?

I got mine out six days ago and it still hurts me but everyone has their own rate at healing. i would wait about another two days unless the pain is unbearable then i would call for a re-checkup.

When can you eat normal after wisdom teeth extracted?

It depends on the person, there is no hard and fast rule. Your tolerance of pain, whether or not the tooth and gum are infected and how many teeth and on which side(s) are all factors that can contribute to healing times. If you get one tooth removed on one side and it's not infected, you will be a ( Full Answer )

What can you eat after you have your wisdom teeth extracte?

i got 5 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. i was high after surgery lol. but i ate bojangles mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner yesterday and scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning. i had rice pudding for lunch (yumm) an i tried to eat macaroni for lunch but it hurt a bit so ijust ate a bit. i went ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to have your wisdom teeth extracted when they come in?

Wisdom teeth should be extracted when they push and damage the 7th tooth while they grow, also when they develop a cyst or cause an infection, and wisdom teeth are removed if they're causing problems with prosthesis. Here's an interesting video about wisdom tooth extraction.

Can you swallow after having your wisdom teeth extracted?

Yes, and you should avoid spitting because you may loosen the clots that are forming in the tooth socket. After 3 or 4 days, you can lightly rinse with salt water, again not too vigorously until the socket heals.

Is it normal for your wisdom teeth to hurt one week after surgery?

its normal for it to hurt after surgery however it should not hurt more than 2-3 days its nothing to worry about if it does hurt or is sore as everyone heals at their own pace however if you are worried about it, or it hurts severely as in sharp pain visit your dentist immediately its a good ( Full Answer )

What can hurt when your wisdom teeth are coming in?

Wisdom teeth also called 3rd molars usually start to erupt anywhere from 17-21 years old with excepts since everyone is different and may vary. Some people never have them come in while others may have been born without 1 or even all 4 of them. When they erupt, the teeth have to cut through bone and ( Full Answer )

Can you skydive after wisdom teeth extraction?

Perhaps the question should be, " How long after a wisdom tooth extraction should I wait prior to skydiving?" That would depend on whether it was a Tandem jump or a sport jump. As long as you feel ok there should be no problem as far as a Tandem jump. You will be required to fill out a form and shou ( Full Answer )