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Is it normal for your teeth to hurt while pregnant?

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When you are pregnant you are more likely to get gingivitis, therefore your gums can hurt. No, it sounds like your teeth are sensitive for some other reason that's not pregnancy symptom. The same hormones that bring extra blood flow to your pelvis bring extra blood flow to your teeth, gums, and sinus cavities. Sometimes this can have an effect on tooth health. It can result in fast progressing cavities and gum disease. Yes, infact it is a common sympton of pregnancy to experience discomfort in the mouth and sensitive teeth. Many women go through periods of teeth sensitivity and, as a dentist, I recomend Sensodyne Yes, gums become more sensitive during pregnancy. As hormonal changes occur, there is an increase of blood flow throughout your body that can cause swelling, sensitivity and tenderness in your gums. they become extremly sensitive i am a mother of 10 and i have expeienced the pain! when u touch them after 6 months they start to feel like a thousand knifes in ur belly!!!

2009-05-17 21:17:36
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No that's a normal condition and can not hurt the baby.

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No it doesnt hurt the baby in anyway when you pull out a tooth from a pregnant lady.

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Yes it's normal

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I have had 6 teeth pulled and while it goes on it doesnt hurt but after there is a tiny bit of pain.

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What does it mean when your teeth hurt in the morning?

You are probably grinding your teeth while asleep. See a dentist.

Is it normal for all my other teeth to hurt after getting two teeth pulled?

yes, because if u pull over 2 teeth at once, the other ones might hurt by the nerve system

Is it normal to have pain in remaining teeth after having wisdom teeth removed?

Funny, I was just reading a book about it. Yeah, it does hurt for a while, but your dentist should have given you something for the pain. Take some pain killers.

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When you have braces is it normal for your teeth to be loose?

Probably not. If you just got it and it doesn't hurt, wait a bit because braces work through subtle pressure and slowly tightens your teeth. If you have had them for a while, call your orthodontist because you might have broken it or something.

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Yes it is normal. Before I got pregnant every period I had my breat would hurt.

Will soda pop hurt or stain your teeth?

yes but not hurt your teeth

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Your teeth do not hurt for no reason. See your dentist

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well you shouldn't spar while pregnant becase i mey hurt the baby or posibly kill it. so i strongly advise you to NOT spar while pregnant.

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Is it normal after a tooth extraction for the tooth next to the extraction site to hurt?

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and the teeth next to the wound were very sore for about a week and a half.

Is it normal for a tooth next to an extraction site to hurt?

Yes, very normal I've had 11 teeth pulled and i realized that every tooth next to each spot where tooth was hurt so I suggest Advil or Tylenol.