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Is it normal for your tongue to be numb in one spot after a piercing?

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It is not normal for your tongue to be numb after piercing. Try exercising the tongue by rolling it and moving it around, if the feeling doesn't come back go see a doctor, the piercer could have hit a nerve in your tongue. I had my tongue pierced but no I didn't experience numbness. If the feeling doesn't come back soon I would go see a doctor, because you have nerves and veins under there that may have been affected. Not to sound like a "Mom" but these problems are why tongue piercing are illegal now and hard to come by. I had to take mine out because it was making a hole on the roof of my mouth from rubbing. So just be careful!! ----------------Tongue piercing is not illegal everywhere, nor is it a majorly dangerous practice. The reason you get problems with rubbing holes inside your mouth has more to do with having the wrong jewelry. BE CAUTIOUS of those piercing outside of an established studio and make sure that YOU, yourself keep your piercing clean. Yes there are nerves in your tongue that can be damaged but it's rare.

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Do the piercing place numb the spot you want to get pierced at?


Where is the right spot for a girl to get her tongue pierced?

That is the responsibility of your professional body piercer, they will locate the correct location on your tongue for the piercing (not all tongues are created equally).

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Your tongue piercing fell out the day after you got it done can you re-pierce it in the same spot and how long should you wait?

you need to wait for it to heal 4-6 weeks i would chuckanother 2 weeks on there even though ur tongue heals quick its so painful re-piercing really bad. hope this helped

What does tongue piercing symbolize among teenage girls?

tongue piercings have no symbol to them...people just go by what they hear...and it does not matter where the ring is located on your tongue...they peirce your tongue in certain places by how thic kyour tongue is or they find a spot without alot of me i have one and i do none of those things...if that's something you like to do then do so...i hear its a turn on for some people.

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it is pigmentation it usually occurs on coloured peoples tongue

What is the white spot under tongue?

A white spot under the tongue should be looked at by a doctor to see if it is a problem. This may be a skin condition or a side effect from an illness or fever.

Can you die from getting your tongue peirced?

nobody has ever heard of anyone dying from a tongue piercing If the technique is not sterile, you can get an infection then if untreated it could get so severe that the infection would be systemic, then one could die.But this is remote considering the medical treatment available now, OR you could have an allergic reaction to the elements in the piercing, if metal or another material that would cause a reaction. Also if the piercer hits the wrong spot you can bleed to death.

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What part of your tongue should you get your tongue pierced?

There is only one spot in the tongue to pierce. Its between two major blood vessels. If they miss, there is a broad chance to get killed.

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What can you do so your piercing won't hurt?

Put some numbing stuff on the spot and wait for however long it tells you before getting that spot pierced.

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