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Have you ever had your blood sugar level tested?

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How bad is your acid in youre stumach?

Acid is normal in the stomach. Acids break down the food you eat. Normally people don't have problems from the normal acid the stomach uses.

What should I eat when I'm tired?

when your tired dont eat.. go to bed

Analogy of tired?

tired : sleep as hungry : eat

Why do you feel tired after you eat?

It's natural to be tired and drowsy after you eat. It's got nothing to do with diabetes.

Can you eat the skin of a pineapple?

If youre too hungry you can eat that..hehe

Why are you still tired when you have woke up?

The body is always tired after first waking up. The best solution is to eat apples or to take a nice hot shower. They stimulate your senses and get your body going.

Can you eat donkeys?

if youre really that, hungry... and if you can catch it...

Do hamsters eat biscuts?

It really depends. If youre forcing the biscuit down the hamsters throat he will probably eat it, because he has no choice. If its a very unique hamster, it will eat a biscuit on its own. But, normal hamsters don't have the right teeth for knawing on biscuits. That's why they eat lettuce

Why do you feel tired if you do not eat very much?

You need nutrients in your blood to keep you active. You get nutrients from the foods we eat and if you don't eat enough of our nutrients we get tired and sick.

Does the father rabbit eat the babies?

not always there can be something wrong with your babies or it is normal (if you are not sure go to the vets)

How much do slugs eat in 2 weeks?

None of youre business

Can smoking nutmeg get you high?

No, if youre really desperate eat a lot of it

Is it wrong to eat ponies?

Yes it is wrong to eat ponies unless youre in the middle of nowhere and absolutly HAVE to.

Sleep is to tired as is to hungry?

We sleep when we are tired. Likewise, we eat when we are hungry

What did the poor ancient Greece eat for breakfast?

There probably was no currency back then, if there was, they'd eat still the normal things(There are always lots to eat in Greek), and all of them would have known about the "vomitarium"

What would massie block eat?

massie block would eat anything sugar-free. her coffees are always that way. she is a normal person and she will eat anything. but she wont eat anything with to much fat and sugar.

Is it normal for a hermit crab NOT to eat?

No, it is not normal. Hermit crabs eat.

Why does lizards eat baby lizards?

It will only eat its baby if it is hungry or tired of protecting it.

What happens after you've eaten and why am i so tired?

After you eat, you digest your food and eventually need to go to the bathroom. And I dont know why your tired. Cause I have no clue what you did to make you tired.

Why are vitamins bad for your health?

no, hey are quite vital for normal function and great for people who don't always eat right.

What do people in Minnesota eat?

they are normal people so they eat normal food

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