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You are probably experiencing breakthrough bleeding which can occur while taking any Birth Control. You may want to alert your doctor but this is not abnormal. I found that when I stopped taking the depo shot, which was Feb 2005, and I was only on it for 6 mnths I am also getting my period every 2 weeks and my cylce was every 28 days as well.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-08 18:27:06
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Q: Is it normal if you used to have a perfect 28-day cycle but after being on Depo-Provera for 3 years you are now getting periods every 14 days?
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If you have had 2 normal periods is there a chance you could still be pregnant i have some symptoms....?

If you had two normal periods , the chances of you getting pregnant are very little.

Is it normal to have periods at 58?

It is normal :)

Could you be pregnant if you are on Mirena and have been spotting but not getting a normal period?

Mirena is used to treat heavy periods as well as for contraception, so if your periods were normal it may reduce them to spotting. If in doubt take a pregnancy test.

Is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear?

is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear? is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear? is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear?

Is a normal period a sign of pregnancy?

No.It's very rare to have normal periods during pregnancy.For most, not getting their period is the 1st clue to that they're pregnant.

Is it normal to start your periods then not have another one for months?

Yes, you can have periods and not have another for mouths its completely normal.

Is it normal to be two weeks late on your period?

It depends how long you have had your period. If you are closer to the beginning of getting periods, it could just be irregular.

On the pill is it normal to have spotting between periods?

No this isn't normal

Is it normal at first to have irregular periods?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to have irregular periods at first. Most girls worry about it at first, but there is no need.

Is it normal to have periods while you are pregnant?

No, it is not normal. You should consult a doctor.

Is it bad to get your periods early?

no its not bad. its normal. to get them late isnt normal

Periods lasting only 2 or 3 days is that normal?

There are such cases but this is not normal.Yes, it is normal!!!!

Is it normal to get pink discharge just before periods due?

Yes it is normal.

Can you be pregnant but still have normal periods?

Some women still have periods while pregnant but it is not common.

Is cramps original during your period?

YES!It is very normal to have cramps, everyone gets it. That's how you know when your either getting or have gotten your periods.hope i helped. :)

Could you be pregnant if you had two periods 11 days apart in the same month?

If the periods were normal flow for you, then no. You most likely have irregular periods.

Could you be pregnanti if you are putting on weight have had no periods since 1st June are breastfeeding had two normal periods before they stopped you feel sick and tired but keep getting neg tests?

It is probably best to get a blood test to know for sure.

Is it true that periods occur as normal after an egg is fertilised?


You have had 3 light periods in 6 weeks is this normal?


The Normal stopping of the monthly menstrual periods?


Do periods occur as normal after an egg is fertilized explain answer?


Is it true that periods occur as normal after an egg is fertilized?


Can you be pregnant after having two normal periods?

some women have their periods throughout the whole pregnancy. get tested!

My daughter just started her periods and has been irregular Is this normal?

Yes! they can be irregular up until her twentys, many women have irregular periods to start with and it is perfectly normal.

After taking one depot shot is it normal to have 2 normal periods and then not have one that next month?

Yes ... a lot of people will have their periods completely stop while on Depo. It is considered a normal side effect of the shot.