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Yes, some women never have breast tenderness and some have it the entire pregnancy. All women are different. Your breasts may become sore again later on. They be get sore off and on the entire pregnancy.

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โˆ™ 2004-05-21 09:00:34
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Q: Is it normal if your breasts do not hurt anymore at 11 and a half weeks pregnant?
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Is bleeding and cramping 9 weeks into pregnancy normal?

no its not and if you are then i dont think your pregnant anymore

If you are 18 weeks pregnant and one of your breasts is extremly sore and they both leak a lot is this normal?


Is cramping normal at 7 weeks pregnant?

i am seven weeks pregnant and i have cramping everyday is it normal

Is it normal to start dialating at 36 weeks pregnant?

Is it normal to dialate at 36 weeks pregnant

8 weeks pregnant and spotting is this normal?

8 weeks pregnant and spotting after sex is this normal

Can you be pregnant without sore breasts?

I am now 5 weeks pregnant and I still didn't feel any soreness in my breasts.

Can you be pregnant and not have sore enlarged breasts?

Yes, I didn't have either with my first pregnancy. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second and still no sore breasts.

What is the normal progesterone level in 8 weeks pregnant?

The normal progesterone levels for someone who is 8 weeks pregnant is 25.9.

Is it normal if you are six weeks pregnant and your breasts were very sore the last couple of weeks and now suddenly the last couple of days they are not nearly as sore?

its naturally like that so don't worry.

Not sure if I am pregnant since it's only been a couple weeks but one of my breasts is leaking is this normal?

Absolutely normal, do not worry, it is a sign that the glands which produce the hormone prolactine began to work.

You are 12 weeks pregnant and your breasts have stopped being sore should you worry?


Is it normal if you're 5 weeks pregnant but your breasts don't feel sore?

Some women are, some aren't. I was very sore with my first pregnancy and not at all in my second.

You are 18 weeks pregnant and you have an 18 month old son as well so this is not your first pregnancy is it normal that your breasts are VERY slowly leaking a clearish liquid?


Is a hcg level of 560 normal for 5 Weeks pregnant?

I am about 5 weeks pregnant, and my hormone levels are about that.

I am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. Is that normal should I be worried?

i am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. is that normal??

Is it normal to be 7 weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms?

Yes, It is normal to be 7 weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and i have only had minor cramping so I never suspected anything except that I was 3 weeks late.

Is it normal to have severe heartburn at 5 weeks pregnant?

Yes it is normal

Are small red dots on your breasts in early pregnancy normal to enlargment?

Hey Girl...... I am 5-7 weeks pregnant and when I was about 4 weeks I startes to get red dots on my breasts and had the same question..... I think that you are preggo and need to go see a doctor...... Congrats on the new edition. Sunshine

Is it normal to have air coming out of the vagina at 22 weeks pregnant?

Hiya, I am 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing this its weird!!

How soon after falling pregnant do your breasts begin to hurt?

Mine hurt at two weeks!

Is it normal to notice you are pregnant at 6 weeks?


Is cramping normal at 3 weeks pregnant?


Have had sore breasts 3 weeks after period is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. No this does not mean you are pregnant. However if you feel you are take a pregnancy test just to be sure. Some women do have symptoms of pregnancy this early however it is not common. About 2-3 weeks after menstruation is when you would normally ovulate and that can also cause symptoms like when you menstruate or is pregnant.

You are 7 weeks pregnant and have not been feeling that tired Is this normal?

Perfectly normal.

5 weeks pregnant and have butterfly feelings is this normal?

yes very normal.