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It is quite normal for men's semen to be a yellowish color, but if it isn't white or a yellowish color please see your doctor. Marcy NORMAL ejaculate (semen) varies among guys, from almost a clear looking fluid, to a real white color. Average color is usually not real white, but an off white, sort of like the color of skim milk. When boys first masturbate, it's not unusual for it to be clear and not a lot of it.

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Is it normal for a 44 year old man to have clear sperm?

You mean 'Semen', not sperm. Sperm are invisible and semen is the liquid that carries sperm cells out of the man's body. Yes, clear semen is normal. So is white, cloudy semen.

What does come look like?

Most semen is white in color, but grey or even yellowish semen can be normal as well. Blood in the semen can cause a pink or reddish color

Is some sperm clear?

Clear semen is quite normal for younger teenagers who are not yet in the prime of their sexual development. Occasional instances of it for male adults who normally release white semen is also considered normal. Clear semen occurs when a man experiences frequent ejaculation in one sexual encounter. Watery semen has a much lower sperm count than the normal consistency.

What is pus cell in semen?

A "pus cell" is another name for a white blood cell. It is normal to have some pus cells in semen, but a high number means there may be an infection.

Is thick white discharge after intercourse normal for a female?

If it's immediately after it might be the excess semen you see dripping out.

Are the yellow stains on a mattress pad semen stains?

No it is probably urine, white is semen. However, dried semen may be off-white.

How do you make your semen white?

Semen is naturally clear. The white that you see is actually the sperm in the semen. Semen is the carrier of sperm and allows them to travel through the vaginal cavity. When males of age start tobproduce sperm, the sperm is then added to the semen; turning it white. If your ejaculate (semen, sperm, whatever you call it) isn't white, it means that you are not mature enough to produce sperm.

Is it normal to have foamy sperm?

Yes, this happens in cases where you pre ejaculate semen before the sperm. Ther sperm is the white substance, semen carries the sperm out, if you pre ejaculate semen with some sperm, when you orgasm there will be only sperm, the foamy substance

Is it bad to get your periods early?

no its not bad. its normal. to get them late isnt normal

Has your semen mature it is a little bit sticky and thick cloudy I do have pre-ejaculate and I can cum a lot also is there any drink to make your semen a little more whiter?

Semen isn't always white and that is completely normal. It can be thicker sometimes and that is normal too, especially if you haven't ejaculated in awhile. You don't have anything to worry about.

Is it normal to have yellow chunks of sperm?

Yes, if you are young. At first semen will have a yellow tint to it and will get white as you move further along in puberty.

What is the meaning of the color white?

The meaning of the colour white isnt, as white is not a colour.

What are tiny white spots on cooked ham?

Semen. monkey and cow semen.

Why no semen anymore?

its semen quality 0.1 ml to 10 ml normal 5.3 ml

You are 11 years old and your sperm is clear. Is this okay?

This is normal. The white colouring of semen is caused by sperm, which you're not producing yet. One you're well into puberty, you'll find your semen will become whiter.

Clear sperm or white is more effective?

Semen is the collective of sperm and seminal fluids. Clear semen has very little or no sperm, hence its lack of colour. Semen that has sperm in it, will be white.

Is semen pink?

No. It is a white color.

Is it normal for sperm to be yellow?

Yellow SEMEN, is not normal. It should be whitish or clear.

Why would sperm be clear with white strings in it?

Semen is the clear while sperm is the white. The semen protects the sperm as it enters the vagina

Is it normal for men sperm to change color?

Semen can vary in color from a very pale yellow to white. As long as your semen stay within these colors it is fine. If your semen change color dramatically or if it acquires a strange odor, then you need to go to your doctor to get it checked out, as it could be a sign of an STD.

Is white urine related to sperm?

By white urine you mean clear urine or white because clear urine is just urine but white urine is semen and if you had a "tickling" sensation before it happened then its semen.

What is the difference between black and white shade?

there isnt, or white can be black shade with white color pencil

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