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Q: Is it normal nearly black out when getting out of a hot tub?
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Is it normal to read 120v on black and white AND black and ground?

It is normal to measure 120 volts from black (hot) to white (neutral), and it is normal to also measure 120 volts from black (hot) to bare (ground). While the hot wire stands alone, the neutral and ground wires are tied together at the service entrance -- so either one can serve as reference for making a measurement to the hot wire.

Which wire is hot black with a white stripe or solid black?

The normal practice is for the black (or at least darker) wire to be hot. However, given the consequences of guessing wrong, they should be tested and both wires should be treated as "hot" until you find out differently.

Why is the exhaust system getting hot?

It is normal for the exhaust to get hot. It is the result of an internal combustion engine. If the exhaust is red hot then there is a problem, perhaps from excess fuel or incorrect timing.

What is Espresso over hot water in New Zealand slang?

This is known in New Zealand as a "long black" ie a shot or double shot of espresso (known as a "short black") in a normal cup, topped up with hot water.

Hot wires in home wiring are normal colored?

Black or red is hot, white is neutral, green or green with yellow strip is ground. This is according to the National Electrical Code.

Why are you getting black water when you have the hot water on?

i think its because when you turn on the hot water tap the dirt in the tap has gone because the dirt loses the stickiness and hot water gets rids of stickiness

Why are my new brake pads getting hot?

Brake pads normally yet hot under normal use. The brake pads will get excessively hot if they are not adjusted properly. The wrong brake pads can be too thick and might be rubbing on the rotor.

How hot does car oil get?

In racing cars, oil can reach nearly 500 degrees F. However, in normal cars, the oil rarely gets hotter than 250 degrees F.

Why does the color black get hot in the sun and the color white stays cool?

The black absorbs radiation and reflects little of it. This causes black objects to get warm quickly. White reflects much of the radiation that hits it, and it doesn't warm as rapidly. This is the cause for black objects getting hot quickly in the sun, and white objects to warm less rapidly.

World record for hottest bath?

I sometimes like about 42 celsius which is pretty extreme, its too hot to jump into but I get in when the temperature is normal then start getting it higher and higher until it starts getting unbearable.

Why copper turns black when exposed near volcanic area?

I guess it's getting hotter and then it gets so hot that it burns and then turns black 'caus of heat from the volcanic area.

How hot is too hot for a black labrador?

When it is too hot for humans, you can be sure it is equally as hot for dogs and cats, especially if they are black.

Why is the hood really hot on 2002 ford focus is that normal?

The engine will cause the hood to get hot. That is fairly normal.

When was White Hot in the Black created?

White Hot in the Black was created in 1998.

What is the signs of Alcohol poisoning?

being sick getting all hot passing out,drink black coffee if that don't work go to the hospital

Is 95 Fahrenheit hot?

As with all measurements, it's relative. 95 degrees is a hot day, but not nearly as hot as the surface of the sun.

Is it normal that your guinea pigs ears went from normal to hot?

Yes, this can be normal. As long as the ears do not stay hot. The ears are a way to rid the body of excess heat.

What foods go with tomato ketchup?

Pies! hot chips! nearly anything savory that's hot! ;)

Jacob Black is a hot werewolf?

Jacobe black is a very dang hot werewolf

How hot is Saturn on a normal day?

SATURN IS 10000000000000000000000C HOT

What desert has scorpions?

Nearly all the hot deserts have scorpions.

How do you tell if wires are hot?

A digital multimeter/voltage checker. Check across the black and white. House voltage is rated at 110 but it can vary anywhere from 95 to over 120. This is normal.

How Hot is Black Fire?

Very hot!

Is black a hot hair color?

i really like black hair but on some people it is not hot

How do you prevent your disc rotors getting hot?

There no way to prevent them getting hot unless you don't brake