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The hammers need to be in the cocked position for the barrel set to close. You will need to insert a tool and lift the cocking piece from the front of the action below the breechface or remove the stock and manually cock the hammers in order to get the barrel set back on.

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How do you reassemble a Stevens 311A if the forend came off and can only be replaced with the barrel removed?

There should be a lug on the bottom of the barrels and a spring-loaded lever on the top of the forearm. Put the barrels in place on the frame, set the concave metal back of the forearm against the convex part of the frame below the barrels and the lever behind the lug. Then push the forearm and the barrels together. WATCH YOUR FINGERS! It will snap into place.AnswerThe Forend can only be replaced with the barrels in place and locked.Follow the instructions in the first answer.The foreend can be installed on the barrels when gun is disassembled for storage but would have to be removed to install barrels back onto receiver

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