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I would have to say yes. My wife's breast were sore for about 2 months after our last miscarriage. She was a bit farther than that, but not too far. I would still consult you doctor, just to be safe.

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Is low blood pressure normal in the ninth month of pregnancy?

is low blood pressure normal in ninth month of pregnancy

Is spotting blood normal on your 4 month of pregnancy?

4 month of pregnancy blood come out it is normal or some serious problem

What month of pregnancy are you in when your breast become sore?

Unfortunately, the first.

Is loose motions normal in 2nd month of pregnancy?

Yes, they are normal and are caused by the pregnancy hormones

Leaking breast milk in the 7th month of pregnancy?

This is completely normal, usually breast milk will start to leak around 12-14 weeks but will not be fully prominent until around the birth of the baby.

When a pregnant women starts having milk in her breast?

as early in your 8th month pregnancy milk will starts leaking in your breast .

What month can you tell if it is a boy or girl baby?

The 16th month of a normal human pregnancy

'when should my breast get milk during pregnancy'?

It's different for everyone - some in the first month and others in the last month

Does swollen breast mean pregnancy?

Swollen breast can be caused by pregnancy or Ovulation, in some women before their period start flowing they experience swollen breast as a result of hormonal increase in the body. But a swollen breast that remains consistent and adds instead of reducing after one month could be pointing towards pregnancy.

When will your breasts get bigger because of pregnancy?

Yes, your breast will get bigger after pregnancy and for as long as the mamary glands are actively usd for breast feeding. After breast feeding is ended they return to the orignial size.your boobs get bigger in around the 3rd month

Is it normal to red spotting during 8months pregnancy?

Is it normal if woman have blood during 8 month of pregnancy for one or two days?

Is this normal to have white discharge during 8th month of pregnancy?


What is the lunar month during pregnancy?

A lunar month is a month calculated on the moon. It is a 28 day month versus the normal monthly variable.

I am 1 month pregnant but I don't have any breast tenderness why?

Tenderness is not a requirement. Especially after the first pregnancy. The glands of the breast will develop ... but at their own rate.

Is it normal to bleed a little bit in your second month of pregnancy?

Bleeding during pregnancy is not normal. Any bleeding can indicate a threatened miscarriage. See your doctor.

In what month of pregnancy do your breast start to leak colostrum?

Colostrum comes around the 24 week of pregnancy. Most women do NOT leak however. It is just there.

What are the symptoms of a one month pregnancy?

Fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dizzy spells, breast tenderness, headaches and cramping can all be signs of an early pregnancy.

Is it normal to spot during your seventh month of pregnancy?

Usually it's normal to spot up to 4 months of your pregnancy. However, some women spot throughout their entire pregnancy and have no problems.

What could breast tenderness be a sign of?

There are a few different things that breast tenderness can be a sign on. Every month females can experience breast tenderness during their period. However, breast tenderness can also be a sign of pregnancy.

Is a discharge normal during the seventh month of pregnancy?

yes its not worry

Is it normal to have a complete loss of appetite during 1st month of pregnancy?

yes it is.

How long does it take before you feel breast tenderness during pregnancy?

It can be as early as one month into your pregnancy or as late as eight months into your pregnancy. Its different in every woman. But dont be worried if you dont experience breast tenderness till your three months along.

Can women produce breast milk in the first month of pregnancy?

Of course. A new born baby can't go for a month without being fed

Could you have been pregnant with twins and miscarried only one and had a normal period the following month?

Paranoid? It's possible. Slightly. As is the impending Martian invasion.

Is it normal to have a loss of appetite during the seventh month of pregnancy?

When it comes to pregnancy everything and nothing is normal. I had loss of appetite throughout my entire pregnancy. I'm sure it will pass and I would not worry much about it.