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Yes, it is normal, this is condensation from the A/C.

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Q: Is it normal that water drips from a short open-ended hose coming out of the firewall?
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Your 2000 Chrysler 300 drips fluid from the exhaust after driving and then parked Is this normal The outside temp is around 30 degrees?

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This is condensation and it is normal for that to happen.

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What causes soot and water drips from exhaust?

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Does the Toyota Camry's air conditioner condensation not drain properly?

The A/C drain hose is clogged, allowing the A/C Evaporator case to fill with water from condensation. This water then drips inside your car on the passenger floor. Somewhere just below the Suction and Liquid Lines you will see a small black hose coming through the firewall and pointing down. This is the A/C drain hose. Take a piece of wire and clear it allowing the water to drain out.

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