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after having my daugther in may i havent got my period and its been 4 months is that normal i took test and it came out negative?

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yes, you can, especially after 3 or 4 months on the pill

If you have not been on your period for 4 months than it can mean your pregant or if you just started sometimes it can be 4 months because your period is regular and just started.

Yes, unscheduled bleeding is normal when you're on the contraceptive implant. In exchange, you get the highest level of pregnancy protection.

If a teenager started her period at the age of 13 but has been irregualr since. Presently she has not gotten her period for the past 4 months. Is this normal and what is the cause?

It is possible for your period to skip a month or two, but if you skip more than 4 months or so, you might be pregnant or there is something wrong with your horomones, or you might just be stressed out about your period skipping months. If anything you should go see a doctor, he might help you.

No! It's ok, remember during puberty nothing is normal and for the first 3 years your period will be all over the place. I actually had 4 months in between my first and second period so I'm pretty sure it's all good

Everyone is different, and sometimes girls may skip a month. If you recently started your period or in this case your period was 4 months ago and it was your first time, that is normal. From my first to second period ever, I went 2 months. Again, everyone is different, and if it reaches 6 months of not having it, I would maybe consider going to the doctor. takes your body some time to readjust without the hormones the pill provides. The time it takes varies from each individual, but as long as you eventually get your period again, it is normal.

My cat is 4.1 pounds and she is just over 4 months and she looks normal and is healthy and active

If you are a male and are worried about your period, you need to speak with someone. Now.

yes! me and hundreds of other woman had a period for a greater part of there pregnancy. As for myself, i was pregnant for 4 months without knowing because i had a period every month. congrats

having period cramps for the first 3-4 months are normal. if you are spotting or see any blood go to the doctors . i had cramps for the first 4 months until they finally went away

This is normal it take about 2-3 years from the first day of your first period so it can get a regular date For more help go to a site for girls made by girls if you have period or if you dont it will answer your period questions.You can ask iris a doctor that will help you in this website

If you are young or you are very active, you may have very irregular periods. But it would be best to discuss this with a doctor who knows your health history.

it is totally normal!im 13 and i started when i was 11 and i missed 5 months it is just happening because your body is under alot of pressure and your cycle isn't used to going every month, wait it out. i was on birth control for hormone inbalance and i had a period continually for 4 months. we though i had cancer but i would out that its normal it just isn't used to all these new changes. hope this helps.

You have to see a doctor to find out why.

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The normal gestation period of a molly (Poecilia sp.) varies from as short as 3 weeks to as long as 4 months depending on conditions. The better the conditions the shorter the period.