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Pretty much anything can be considered normal in pregnacy. Every pregnancy is different. If you are having concerns, talk to your doctor, but if you have felt some movement, I'm sure everything is fine. Even if you have felt nothing, it's a little on the early side anyway. You are probably just pregnant with an inactive baby, for now. Talk with your doctor if you need more assurance. hi, i am also 21 weeks pregnant wth my third baby. i have only felt very slight flutters, hardly noticeable. i also felt this to be odd wih my third as my other two were very actice babies and now children. I try to think that at least there is movement however slight and look on the bright side, we could be having lovely calm babies who will sleep at night (some hope) !! dont worry, there will be nothing wrong, but if you need reassurance just pop to the midwife who will happily let you hear the heart beat. good luck.

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Q: Is it normal to be 21 weeks pregnant with your fourth child and have only felt the odd flutter of movement?
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