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Is it normal to bleed after you get pregnant?


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Yes, it is normal to have some light bleeding within the first month that you get pregnant this is known as implantation bleeding, where the fertilized egg is implanting into your uterus.


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is it normal to have a period twice a month and bleed when you had a bowel movement or and bleed heavy and think you pregnant is it because of sex but doing in rectum

if you do bleed from your uterus, anything inside will be flushed out. this only happens if the egg is not fertilized. therefore if you do bleed and think you are pregnant, you are not.

yes it is normal but if you are clotting to much you need to get checked.

Mabe acutully but i would see a doc

No. That is not normal. You please consult the Gynaecologist.

It is normal to spot lightly-medium bleeding. If you are bleeding very heavily go to the doctor, this isn't normal for most to costantly bleed

you might be pregnant, or you just might miss one or itll come but should be normal bleed

No you need to see a doctor right away.

Usually not. Go see a doctor or go to the hospital immediately.

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. It differs for people.

Look people if you get pregnant you hardly don't bleed

When having sex for the first time it is normal to bleed. But if you didnt it doesnt affect your chances of pregenacy at all.

no it is normal to be bleeeding but perhaps you are having contraptions love from aaron bell

Its not at all. You need to make a app with your obgyn ASAP!

no. any bleeding should be brought to your doctors attention

If urn bleeding while pregnant then u should go see a Dr. ASAP.! That is not normal

Yes it is especially if your having intercourse I bleed throughout my pregnancy and went to the dr everytime to find out all was well.

After conception should Asis bleed

At later stage of pregnancy, hemorrhoids worsen which in turn causes bleeding.

You can get pregnant before the first time you bleed because you ovulate before you bleed and that is when you can get pregnant.

It can happen and be nothing, and it can happen and be serious: call your doctor now to find out.

if it is just spotting, then yes. you're most likely just bleeding from implantation.

Depends if they bleed out of its mouth than it needs the vet but it is normal for a baby rabbit to bleed out of its bottom.

No, it is not normal to bleed heavily. If the pregnancy has been confirmed by a blood test, you have reason to worry. Call your doctor immediately.

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