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no bleeding is normal. SEE A DOCTOR URGENTLY.


Whilst the above answer is correct, that you must see a doctor urgently, the part about no bleeding being normal is incorrect. It is actually quite normal to have some bleeding during pregnancy, particularly dark brown blood. However, do go and see a doctor urgently

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Are you pregnant if you are bleeding brown blood?

If you are pregnant you don't bleed, and blood turns brown when it's dry, I suggest you get a pregnancy test.

Can you get pregnant if you had red and brown coming out from your period?

Yes, it is normal for a period to have different shades of blood. The brown is blood dried blood and the red is new.

Is it normal to bleed brown instead of red?

Yes .brown blood is dead blood. Sometimes the blood can be trapped in an area and sit there until the body decides to flush it out. Nothing to worry about.

You bleed brown blood for one day before period was due and the next day you didnt bleed at all and your period isn't due until 3 days - is this implantation bleeding Are you pregnant?

No you are not pregnant. I have had that to happen to me to. An I was not pregnant.

Have had brown spotting for about 3 days now and today their was a little bit of red blood could you be pregnant?

Brown spotting is dried blood from your uterus, its normal. If you feel that you may be pregnant get tested.

Is it normal to bleed like brown and then pink when ovulation happens?

Yes. Red to pink is fresh blood and brown blood is dead blood. Sometimes the blood can be trapped in an area and sit there until the body decides to flush it out. Nothing to worry about.

Can you have a negative hpt and have light blood spotting and still be pregnant?

i have spotting but its a light flow that i have never had. i have all the pregnant symptoms is it normal the blood is not brown but a deep red?

What if you have 3 months of juss brown blood around when your normal period is due only when you wipe could you be pregnant?

NO. That is completely normal, because blood can be shades of light red to really dark brown. So don't freak out just yet, because if you were pregnant, you wouldn't even get that:)

You just had your period and you were leaking brown blood then you had some ice cream the next day and was back to normal red blood then one day after you had brown blood again is this normal?

No, not at all. Go see a doctor. Ice cream has nothing to do with it, you idiot, you probably have an intestinal bleed or an infection of the uterus.

Is it normal to bleed brown before you get your period?

yes, it is okay to bleed brown it just means old blood but if it continues for your next period or too then i would talk to your doctor about it and see ifmaby there is a bigger problem with the uterus shedding the lining.

Is brown discharge normal after using Metronidazole vaginal gel when pregnant?

Yes even if not pregnant. Its clearing out all the bacteria. Mostly dry blood

If its your period time and brown come out you first then you bleed is that a sign of having a miscarriage?

Some brown discharge is normal, it's just old blood nothing to get worried about. (Unless of course you know for a fact that you were pregnant, meaning a doctor told you that you were) Old blood looks brown instead of red and is common during periods, though it usually occurs at the end of the period.

If you bleed brown does that mean you are preagnet?

No. Spotting can be caused by a variety of things, and you may not bleed at all if you're pregnant.

Is it normal to have brown stuff in your urine when you are pregnant?

brown blood is considered old blood so it is considered fine. Although you should let your doctor know, normally they like to document any bleeding brown or red.

What deas it mean when your period is brown?

Brown blood indicates 'old blood' and is normal and can happen before or after red blood or normal blood flow.

Why do women bleed brown blood during their period?

The brown blood is the old one. Lighter is more recent and comes after.

If my blood was brown then red can i still be pregnant?

If your blood was brown, that is old blood the body is expelling. If your blood has turned red, it is possible you are still pregnant, but you need to see a doctor.

What does it mean if you have dark brown blood when you cut your finger?

If you bleed dark brown blood when you cut your finger it means you are alive........ at least your body is.

Why would you bleed bright red instead of your normal red-brown?

you are okay, the lining just shed quicker. brown is old blood that hung around a while. If you where particularly active, it may have came out quicker. joymaker rn

Is it normal to only have brown discharge and no blood during a miscarriage?

Yes it is normal to have brown discharge and no blood during a miscarriage. Brown blood is 'dead blood' and red is fresh. Your body is getting rid of waste materials.

What does it mean if you are on the pill and in the middle of the back you start spotting red and brown blood?

Brown blood is normal. When the blood is brown it just means that is dried blood. It doesn't mean anything you if have it. It is completely normal, especially for younger women. Bleeding while on the pill is normal.

Im 11 and half weeks pregnant with brown blood for 1 week?

lm 11 and half weeks pregnant with brown blood just started.

35 weeks pregnant with a light brown discharge is this normal?

Yes! I also had light brown discharge at 35 weeks. Asked my obgyn and she said it was normal and is just a result of some old blood from the cervix that needs to be shed.

Is it okay to bleed brown blood when pregnant?

If I were you I would definitely see my GP asap. Good luck! I never had any bleeding when I was pregnant but every one is different.See this website.

Most people are six weeks along before they know they are pregnant does this mean its normal to have your period when you are first pregnant?

Hello - No it is not normal to have your period but it is normal to experience light brown bleedig during the first month. This is simply old blood being flushed out of your system.