Is it normal to experience PMS symptoms such as mild cramps lower back ache tender breasts chills and be pregnant had intercourse at right time hoping to be pregnant about 5 days away from period?

I just answered one question and touched on this subject... Unfortunatley the problem with symptoms of pregnancy is that they are similar to symptoms of colds, flus, PMS, stress, etc. I can't say no to this question as all women vary in symptoms of pregnancy but ON AVERAGE it is kind of early to notice. NOT saying women don't notice... (for instance my grandma knew she was pregnant with all three of her kids within one week just because she knew she felt the changes in her body) So, anyhow.. while it is possible some of these things can be telling you you're pregnant it is also possible they are telling you you're period is on its way. Since you are only 5 days before your period you can go get an EARLY pregnancy test. They are about the same price as other OTC tests and I am certain a few of them say you can test within 5 days of a missed period... just make sure you DO use your first morning sample. Good luck... if you are still hoping and don't get your period retest... and if that doesn't work I recommend a blood test through your Dr. It is kind of expensive sometimes (mine was $90 and we didn't have insurance at the time). $90 isn't a lot of money now-a-days BUT for a negative test it is... however I woudl pay triple that for a + .... Good luck - Pam AKA greenidparalegal