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Yes it can be, but it's time you went to your doctor for a blood test and be checked for Diabetes.

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Q: Is it normal to feel extremely thirsty after consuming food high in sugar?
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Why do you get thirsty when eating ice cream?

you get thirsty because there is a lot of sugar in it and sugar makes you thirsty.

Why do you crave water when eating ice cream?

You probably crave water because of the sugar content of ice cream. Consuming large amounts of sugar can make you thirsty.

Do the ingredients in carbonated soft drinks make you thirsty?

Sugar does.

Can you gain weight from consuming sugar?

Yes. You gain weight (fat) from consuming excessive calories. Anything caloric is potentially fattening. Sugar contains calories.

what is normal sugar level ?

what is normal sugar level

what is the normal sugar level?

what is normal sugar level

What are the health risks of consuming a high amount of sugar?

Sugar can promote tooth decay

Why does a American gold finch drink sugar water from a hummingbird feeder?

there thirsty and sugar water gives them energy

What happens when your blood sugar is above normal?

first high blood pressure will be happen and most of the time fill thirsty then if not be cured acidosis may happen at last may have attack

What is considered "the normal range" in regards to blood sugar levels?

Normal blood sugar varies by person, although there is a range generally considered healthy. Low blood sugar could be a cause of low energy and extremely low blood sugar could be fatal. Too high and you run the risk of diabetes.

Is 118 a normal sugar level?

What is a normal sugar level?

What is the pop with the most sugar?

All pops have an extremely large amount of sugar but Coca Cola have an extremely large amount of sugar.

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