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No. Just Becasue you are nauseous, does not mean you are pregnant. Sorry.

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You feel nauseous and you just got your period are you pregnant?

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

Is it normal for your stomach to hurt when your pregnant?

Yes, it is very normal to feel nauseous and have cramps during pregnancy. Some women experience morning sickness. This is when you feel very sick in the morning and you sometimes vomit. Relax, this is normal.

You feel nauseous but i started my period am i pregnant?

no. you cannot have your cycle and be pregnant at the same time.

How do you know you are peregnat?

If you are feeling nauseous, feel dizzy or feel weak you are probaly pregnant.

Are you pregnant if you feel nauseous but haven't thrown up?

yes. of course you can be pregnant not all people have to throw up, it doesnt mean you cant just get nauseous

Should you feel nauseous during period?

It is very normal to feel nauseous during your period due to the pain you may experience as well as hormones

Could you be pregnant if you have a regular period every month and sometimes you feel movements in your stomach and sometimes feel pressure towards your cervix and last week you felt nauseous?

A normal period makes pregnancy unlikely but it is possible to bleed and be pregnant. Do a test.

What is the meaning of nasya?

I think you mean "nausea." If you do, this is the term for feeling sick to the stomach, or nauseous. Basically, you feel like vomiting.

Could you be pregnant if you feel nauseous in the afternoon urinating wall lining very emotional headaches?

The normal signs of pregnancy are a missed period and a positive pregnancy test. Take a pregnancy test to see if you're pregnant.

What is a sentence for Nauseous?

Type your answer here... You feel queasy when u are nauseous

Why does your dacshund chew grass?

Dogs will be seen to eat long stranded grass when they feel nauseous. The grass somehow assists vomiting.

Could you be pregnant if you feel sickness but dont get sick?

yes If by 'sickness' you mean nauseous of course. but you could also be nauseous from plenty of other things, the only way to tell if youre pregnant is to take a test.

Is it normal to feel nauseous before or during your period?

Yes! Just make sure to get lots of sleep and drink lots of water. If you do feel nauseous, try not to spend too much time on the sun.

Is it normal for you not to be that hungry while your 9 weeks pregnant?

Of course it's normal. Actually, it's quite usual. Most women feel nauseous during the first trimester of pregnancy and because of it it's completely normal not to feel hungry all the time. The sensation of constant hunger appears late in the pregnancy.

Sore breasts and nausea mid cycle can you be pregnant?

If you had your period that very month and had no sexual activity after your period then you cannot be pregnant. Plus, it's normal to have sore breasts and feel nauseous when you're ovulating. PLUS, you cannot have symptoms that early.

If you feel nauseous on and off could you be pregnant?

If you have been having sex there is always a possibility of pregnancy. If you feel that you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see a Dr.

Is it normal to feel nauseous after a panic attack?

Nausea is common whenever severe panic attacks are experienced

If your period is two days late and you started spotting very lightly but feel nauseous dizzy tired and bloated could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant.

What does a hangover feel like?

normally, headachey, your eyes feel really heavy and full, you feel very nauseous all day and your body feels very weak, feverish sometimes, sometimes vomiting, very tired...

How does a girl know shes pregnant?

When your nauseous, feel dizzy,and or weak and notice that your belly is expanding and be coming round like this).

How do you know when a sim is pregnant in sims medieval?

They should begin to feel nauseous. It sucks that you cannot play as the kid though.

Can you be pregnant if you feel nauseous random times of the day and spot right after a light period after having sex?

Yes...take a test

My last period was May 28 Its now July 16 and I feel nauseous at the smell of fish I've gained weight I feel cramps in my abdomen and legs could I be pregnant?

Yes. You are either pregnant or you have a disease and are dying!

Is it normal for pregnant women feel tired all the time?

Yes. Many women feel tired a lot of the time when they are pregnant, especially in the beginning, and it is perfectly normal.

Is it normal to feel really hot when pregnant?

Yes feeling hotter is possible when pregnant.