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Only if you have a mild infection.

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Where should you get your lip pierced?

On your lip...

How old was Tom Kaulitz when he got his lip pierced?

He was 13 when he got his lip pierced =]

What side was dougie poynters lip pierced?

Dougie Had his Lip Pierced on his Left Hand side.

Is it normal for your lip to be swollen after you pierce it?

Actually, it is perfectly normal. Think about it. If you now have a hole that is completely through your lip, it will get swollen. It's your body's natural way of healing. If your neck gets swollen or if green stuff is coming out of your lip, that's not normal. How do I know? I've gotten my lip pierced.

Does your lip come up when you pierced your lip?

Different people's bodies react differently, but yes, your lip can swell after getting it pierced.

When did tom kaulitz get his lip pierced?

Tom kaulitz got his lip pierced at age 13 im 12 and im going to get my lip pierced like his, he IS quite a womanizer (hot)!

Meaning of pierced lip?

A pierced lip, there is no meaning, just a pierced lip. Body piercing, no matter where it is, is self expression. You either pierce yourself for show, maybe it means something to you.

What do you eat after you got your lip pierced?

you have to wait 2 hours before you eat anything if you have your lip pierced.

Can you get your lip pierced at 15 with parent permission in Indiana?

yeah I think you can get your lip pierced at 15 in Indiana

What is it called when your lip is pierced between the corner of your lip and the middle of the lower lip?


Were do you get your you lip pierced at?

Well Really You Can Get It Pierced At Any Tatto Parlor

Where is the best place to get your lip pierced?

for a girl the top right lip

Does pete wentz have his lip pierced?

Yes. It's on his bottom lip.

What does the piercing under the lip mean?

It means nothing. I have my lip pierced.

How do you put jewelry in lip?

Get it pierced.

How old to get your lip pierced?

18 :/

Does Selena Gomez have her lip pierced?

No, she does not.

Can you get lip pierced while on an antibiotic?


Does it matter where you get your lip pierced at?

No, it doesn't matter where you get your lip pierced at persay but I personally think that piercing your lip looks absolutely disgusting but if you do decide to get it done get it done on the side of your lip near the corner of your mouth:)

What is it called when you get both sides of your bottom lip pierced?

When you get both sides of your bottom lip pierced it's called 'snake bites'.

How much does it cost to get your lip pierced at piercing pagoda?

You can't get your lip pierced at piercing pagoda. They only pierce cartilages and earlobes.

Do you have to get Lip pierced with a ring?

No, you do not. You can also get it pierced with a rod that has little balls on the end.

How many piercings has Rihanna got?

Rihanna does have her ears pierced, Her lip pierced.

Is Justin Biebers lip pierced?

yes it is! i saw it in a pic! he has both ears pierced and his lip! hes also got 2 tattoos

How old do you have to be to get your lip pierced in Iowa?

Well, You Usually get your lip pierced at age 18. So, that your parent's take you more mature that you can handle it. :]

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