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This is not your period this is called breakthrough bleeding and yes it is normal while on many forms of hormonal Birth Control breakthrough bleeding and spotting can occur they can be very light or as heavy as a period if this occurs for more than the first 3 motnhs that you are on this birth control go consult your doctor so that they can switch your brith control and find one that is better for your body hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: Is it normal to get your period before your supposed to when on birth control?
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Is your period supposed to be normal after getting off birth control?

Everyone starts getting their period after birth control eventually.

Is it normal to have sore and heavy breast 3weeks before your period is supposed to come?

These signs of the breast ,are well into your early pregnancy, not if your periods is supposed to come.

Is getting your period while on the active pill and then again when you were supposed to get it normal?

No it isn't normal.

Is it normal to get pimples on your lip before your period?

It's normal to get pimples anywhere on your body before you get your period.

Is bleeding a week before your period every month normal while you are on birth control pill?

No, bleeding a week before your 'period' every month while on the birth control pill is not normal - it can be common in the first three months, but after that you should take it up with your doctor. On hormonal birth control you d not get a period, you experience a withdrawal bleed due to the drop in synthetic hormones when going from active to inactive pills. If you're seeing a bleed when you're not supposed to, and it's not explained by missed periods, you may need a higher dosage of pill.

Is a one day bleed normal on the pill?

This is normal on the morning after pill but it is not normal on birth control, unless this is your first period on birth control then you may experience a lighter than normal period for you.

If you spotted the first two days of your cycle and had a normal period after could you be pregnant?

you are not supposed to have a period if you are pregnant.

Can you shorten your period once it starts?

The only way to shorten your period once it starts is to start a new pack of birth control pills. By taking your pills earlier than normal, your period will wane and stop earlier than it was supposed to.

If you start taking birth control two weeks before your period will it delay your period?

Yes it will, at least it should. You're supposed to start your period when you get to the last week of them. But it's perfectly fine to delay your period, unless you do it for a long period of time.

Is it normal to have no spotting before your first period and then have a heavy flow for your first period?

Completely normal.

Is your period supposed to be brownish and gooey?

sometimes that's how it can come out, that's normal

Is it normal if you started taking the birth control Yasmin on the Sunday before your period and are now taking the sugar pills but don't have a period?

Your period would probably not come until your 3rd or 4th sugar pill. If you started taking the pills on the Sunday before your period did that period come?

What does six days before your missed period mean?

It means that if your period is supposed to start on Saturday, 6 days before your missed period would be the Tuesday before.

How long are you supposed to have bloating before your period?

Two week

Is it normal to be late on your period while taking birth control?

Yup, very normal

Which alcohol are you supposed 2 drink to stop your period?

Birth control gin.

What are your chances of pregnancy if you have protected sex both with a condom and with birth control and you got your period heavier than normal and an hpt two days before your period was negative?


Is it normal to be spotting heavily a week before your period when you have missed 4 pills in a row and are having sex?

Yes. Missing birth control pills can make you start your period.

Is Smelly Gas before period normal?

yes it's normal

Is it normal to get pubic hairs before you start your period?

Yes, it is normal.

Is it normal to fell light headed before you get your period?

Yes, it is normal.

Is spotting weeks before you scheduled period while on birth control normal?

Its actually very normal, along with other symptoms i took the pill and I'm on the patch now and it still happens. and some people actually have there spotting flow like there normal period.

Is it normal to start your period 4 days late then spot a week to a week and a half after your period if your on birth control?

No this isn't normal.

Is brown spotting before your period normal?


Is dizziness normal before period?

i get it too!