Is it normal to give birth at 6 weeks stop bleeding then get you period at 8 weeks for 5 days then 3days after your period you have a little lite red blood again?


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It is NOT normal to give birth at 6 weeks.

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Yes, this is completely normal. The average length of time for menstruation is around 5-7 days long, however everyone is different so some women may have shorter or longer menstruation. It's also completely normal to have the odd period that's a little shorter or longer than your normal menstruation.

First of all, ten-day periods are not normal, PERIOD. Second, this pattern can indicate a hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, or another gynecological condition that should be looked into. I've experienced the pattern you described, and I was diagnosed with menorrhagia (excessively heavy bleeding) and premature ovarian failure in progress. GET IT CHECKED OUT, especially if you want to have kids someday!

Yes, after your period u wait for some days probably 3days before carrying out the test.

Hi, This could be implantation bleeding. If it is IB you can perform a pregnancy test in 2 weeks or alternatively see your doctor for a quantitative beta hcg pregnancy blood test now. Answer Hi Implantation bleeding can be red/brown/pink its tiny bit of blood which can happen up2 3days. it stays light it doesn't go heavy. It can be stringy/ thick 1 in 3 women get it I got it mine was stringy pink blood in discharge.

Anything is possible but the chances of getting pregnant 3 days before a period is highly unlikely.

In this state there is a 3 day period during which the contract can be cancelled.

yes they can go without food for 3days at the most. they are very picky

yes. anyone can conceive at any time as long as there is an egg present with a sperm.

Approx 3days or 72hrs & a man's sperm is viable for 48 hrs after ejaculation

So I had protected sex twice before this recent period. I was on time, started off one day with brown discharge, next day had a heavy blood flow and random blood clots then pretty much nothing the next day. I usually have a regular blood flow for 3days then it lighten up and I rarely start off with brown discharge...can that be implantation bleeding? And how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test if so?

hey,I usually have my period on the 9-10th every month for 5days...with cramps,not too bad. the past 3 months Ive had my period on 8-11th of each month,lasting about 2-3days spotting to this normal??

Every woman's experience varies, and it's hard to predict how long it will take for your bleeding to settle down in a predictable pattern.

Sounds like a miscarriage to me. If you were 3 days late and then have severe bleeding and back ache it's either your menstrual period or a miscarriage. You aren't pregnant if you had severe bleeding. I hope you went to see a doctor and if you didn't I would go and make sure you are okay and if you are still thinking you are pregnant for some reason you can get a blood test done. Hope you're okay and take care of yourself.

Take a urine pregnancy test, but I think you just had a light period and if it's one time, it's normal. If the next three are just brown spotting, see a doctor.

It is possible, some people do still get normal periods when they're pregnant so you should take a test after about 3 weeks just to be sure, but more than likely your probably just feeling ill because your period was late, sometimes it can have a negative affect on your body when that happens

Hello - You may be pregnant. Best thing to do is see your doctor for a blood test as this way of testing is highly accurate. Much more accurate than home pregnancy testing and urine pregnancy tests. Or wait a few more days and do a pregnancy test at home. :o)

Mailing a package or something priority it will take 2-3days. Sending a regular letter or something will take 3days

yes it is a possibility you may wanna tak a test jus to make sure good luck

Yes. If you feel that you could be pregnant take a home pregnancy test or see your dr.

if you have been bleeding for 3days you should ring your midwife or maternity unit who should bring you in for a scan to see if there has been a miscarriage. if you have had what they call clotting which is like a big clot of blood it could well be a sign that you have miscarried but the best thing you can do is get down to the hospital for a scan.

If you dont use any precautions it can be very easy to get pregnant, more so for some then others,

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