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The size of boobs is catorgized by the alphebet. AA, A, B,C,D(smallest to largest.) 38 is the band around the cups on a bra and yes it is normal.

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What is a normal breast size for an 11 year old girl?

There is no normal size for breasts.

How big are 38 size breasts?

The size 38 is just the size of the area around the chest. It measures the bottom strap of your bra that fastens around you. The letter is your cup size and determines the size of your breasts. For example: a 38A would be small, but a 38D would be large.

Are 38D breasts size bigger than 38B breasts?

yes 38 is the circumference taken arround nipples to back the "d" is the cup size

Is it normal to get your period but not even have a size AA breasts?


What are normal sized breasts?

Normal is relative to your size. Breasts are primarily fat and large breasts would typically indicate a larger body fat content overall and vice versa.

Is the size of a girls breasts important in puberty?

I'm a bit confused of your question. Like what part of puberty are you talking about? Your breast size doesn't matter. Many normal girls have small breasts and big breasts and their puberty were normal too. So I'm guessing that answered your question.

Is it normal for a 17 year old girl to only have size 34A breasts?

here isn't a normal breast sizes.

Will the breasts of a woman enlarge if she is aroused sexually?

No, but the nipples will, yet they will return to their normal size, however the female breasts will enlarge during pregnancy.

Can the size of both breasts of a woman differ?

Yes, it is actually very normal. No two breasts are exactly the same and many woman have a noticeable size difference from one breast to the other.

Do hormones make your breasts grow?

Estrogen supplements can make your breasts grow bigger, but as soon as you discontinue use they will revert back to there normal size.

What size of breasts should girls have at age 12?

at least they should be a 32 a or 30 a its normal.

Is it normal for a 13 year old girls breasts to grow and shrink around her period?

Yes, it is normal to see vatiation in your breast size throughout your entire menstrual cycles but especially around ovulation and menstruation. The breasts are not growing or shrinking, the ducts in the breasts are swelling due to the effect of hormones on the breasts.

Is it normal to have a mole on your breast?

moles and freckles on breasts appear sometimes. This is normal. Check the mole over time, if there is change in size or color, get help.

What is a normal breast size for a 15-year-old?

there is no normal breast size, the "normal" size of breasts does not exist as every person is unique yours may be smaller or larger than other girls because your DNA is different. don't worry

What size are Nigella Lawson's breasts?

Nigella Lawson's breasts are of the size 36E.

Does touching breasts increase breasts size?


Are 38c breasts normal for a 12 year-old?

No. They're larger than the usual bra size.

What is the normal boobie size?

If you are using the word "boobie" to mean breast, each woman has different sizes. Normal depends on your body size. So long as you do not have such big breasts that they give you backaches or other pain, then your breasts are normal. If you mean boobies the bird, they are about the size of a pellican. They are pretty big birds. They become used during the time when you have a young baby to give it breast milk. If you are reffering the term "Boobie" to Breasts, they come in sizes that are relevant to the female's shape, weight and height.

Do breasts grow unevenly?

of course not! Actually, it's not uncommon to have your breasts slightly different sizes. Annoying, but perfectly normal. Buy a bra based on the larger cup size.

How big are 38K size breasts?

Size K breasts would be very large.

What happens when your breasts grow?

It is normal for your breasts to get larger as you grow.

You are getting swollen breasts at ovulation is this normal?

Swelling and tenderness of the breasts around ovulation time can be normal.

Is it normal to have three breasts?


Do you get hair on breasts?

It is normal.

Can your breasts get smaller after stopping on the pill?

It is not that they are getting smaller, it is that the breasts are going back to their normal size. Birth control can sometimes make the breasts swell, just like right before your period. They will not be any smaller then before birth control.