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Is it normal to have a bloody mucus discharge the morning after sex when 39 weeks pregnant?


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Sounds like your "show" meaning everythings starting for the birth. Congrats.

Actually, it isn't typical to still be having sex at 39 weeks pregnant. The average gestation cycle for a human is 40 weeks so please be careful You should not be having sexual intercourse during pregnancy- that is more than one life you are screwing with, ok?! Answer First of all, whoever answered last needs to check their information before scaring people. Almost any OB/GYN that you talk to will tell you that intercourse during pregnancy is completley fine and healthy during a normal pregnancy with no complications. In fact, at 39 weeks, many OB's will advise sex to kick labor into action. As for the bloody dishcharge, this could be your mucus plug which is a slimey, mucusy dishcarge, that usually has a brownish tinge. If so, a baby is in your near future! However, a small amount of blood is normal after intercourse, just be sure to ask your doctor at your next visit. Good luck!


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Most discharge is normal when your pregnant. It can be clear or kinda thick and milky color. As long as you don't have any bloody show or foul oder with it, then your probably fine.

Yes! some people get periods and a bloody discharge(spotting) during pregnancy! Congratulations on bringing a new life in this world!

If you have normal menstruation you cannot be pregnant.

No, it is not normal, and should be checked out with a doctor.

Yes this is normal, providing the discharge is white or clear and does not have a odour.

No. You should contact your doctor right away or better yet take a trip to the emergency room.

Every woman has vaginal discharge. It is mroe noticeable when pregnant. Yes you can have a normal healthy baby when having vaginal discharge.

Yes. Your vaginal discharge increases when you are pregnant.

No, yellow and/or green discharge is never normal during pregnancy

I have the same thing. I dont know if that is normal.

It is not bad it is called lactating. It is normal if you are pregnant.

Yes this is very normal. If the discharge has a odour then this is a sign of a yeast infection. The discharge will increase as your pregnancy progresses.

That is quite normal for a couple of weeks.

Its very normal.Ive had 3 kids and had discharge with all 3.

Was it kinda bloody too. Are you sure its your plug and not just discharge.

A brownish pinkish discharge is not a normal indication of pregnancy.

Clear discharge during pregnancy is very normal and nothing to be alarmed about. If the discharge is excessive, wear a thin panty liner to absorb the discharge.

Snotty discharge should not be too much of a concern as long as it is clear. Bloody discharge could be a problem so call your Dr. if you don't have a Dr, get one. Many cities have referral phone lines you can call. If the discharge is clear it may be normal hormone induced stuff. If there is a foul odor or itching it may be a yeast infection. Indiana RN

Yes. It's very normal. The hormones in pregnancy generally tend make you have more discharge

No not necessarily, everyone is different. The extra discharge could be hormones. Check with your doctor.

not discharge you need to really get lots lots lots of it which means it isn't normal which is telling you that you could be pregnant.

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