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Is it normal to have a dark ring around your belly button while you are pregnant?

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I have been searching for an answer to this as well because I am pregnant (30 weeks) and have the same thing... Please let me know if you have found any info, I will continue to search and if I find anything I will keep you posted. Helen Chapman ( I am 8 months pregnant and about 4 moths along I started getting a dark line all the way down the middle of my belly from just under my breasts all the way to the bottom of my belly. This is very common, healthy, and normal. Therefore, getting a dark ring around your naval might have something to do with the same thing. Yes it is very common, about 40% of women get it. It is called the linea nigra (black line)

2005-11-24 14:19:46
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At 12 weeks does your belly start to get hard under your belly button?

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and my belly button has started to get firmer. My belly is also firmer and fuller, which is normal. My belly button is also a bit sore at times...I think this is because around weeks 16-20 it will start to pop out, which is also normal. your worries.

At 18 weeks pregnant should the spot under your belly button still be soft?

According to my midwife, it is normal for your uterus to come up to about an inch or two below your belly button at this point in pregnancy. Around 20 weeks, it should reach, or almost reach, your belly button.

Is it normal if you are pregnant and your stomach is not showing under the belly button and huge above it?

It's not normal, see a doctor

Could a person be pregnant if there belly button have closed in?

Could a person be pregnant if they have a inner belly button

When you are pregnant when does your belly button pop out?

When the baby's done! No, it doesn't always happen. There is no way to predict whether or not your belly button will pop out pregnancy to pregnancy and is mostly related to the position of your baby. Some women are quite annoyed by this and will even tape their belly button flat to their pregnant bellies. It is helpful to know that your belly button popping out can be normal and is not harmful to you or your baby.

What happens if your belly button is pierced and then you get pregnant?

You can either take out your jewelry, or you can purchase special belly button jewelry for pregnant women, which are simply referred to as pregnancy belly button rings.

My belly button hurts and I'm only like 5 weeks pregnant Why?

I wish I had a definite answer for you. I'm five weeks today and my belly button is killing me! With my last three pregnancies it was inside the belly button, this one its the area all around the belly button...

Will a tattoo stretch?

Yes. When I was pregnant I had a tattoo around my belly button. It got really BIG. It does go back to it's normal shape though after pregnancy.

Is it normal to swaet from you belly button?

When you're hot it's normal to sweat everywhere including your belly button.

Do your belly buttons started going in when you are pregnant how is your belly buttons supposed to look when you are pregnant?

When your pregnant your belly gets bigger,and your belly button just sticks out there.

Does your belly button hurt when you are pregnant?

Not usually.

Is it normal for your belly button to hurt when you are pregnant?

I am overdue, and it is VERY normal, my hurts when the baby moves or pushes on me a certain way. otherwise it doesn't hurt. but YES it is normal I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my belly button hurts a lot, I tried massaging it, but it doesn't help. A warm bath helps a little. Worst is when i cough or sneeze!!

Is it possible to have line below the belly button and above the belly button Is it normal Pregnancy?

yes that is totally normal, but not until later in your pregnancy.

Do your belly button stick out when pregnant?

No, it doesn't. The only reason it would stick out is if your belly button stuck out orginally.

Is it possible to have no belly button?

No all humans have to have a belly button. as we get our food wfrom it when our motheris pregnant for 9 months.

Why does your belly button hurt all time when pregnant?

This is just a guess, but I think it has something to do with your abs stretching. I'm pregnant and around my belly button hurts but I'm pretty sure it's because my abs are starting to spread to make room for my belly to grow more.

Does getting your belly button pierced affect your umbilical cord when you are pregnant?

no you dont have a umbilical cord you have a belly button your baby dose not have a belly button yet the umbilical cord attaches to the baby at its belly after its born the umbilical cord is cut giving the baby its belly button. However don't have your belly button pierced while you are pregnant as you will have to take the bar (or whatever) out towards the end.

You have sore breasts and on and off pain around your belly button areawhat does this mean?

It may mean that you are pregnant.

Does your belly button get closed when your pregnant?

When you get pregnant, most care providers recommend removing your belly button ring. Even women who don't remove their rings report that belly button rings itch and pull as the belly stretches around the fifth or sixth month. There is also the risk of infection if the belly button ring scratches you or opens a small wound. If you do take out your belly button ring, the piercing hole will probably close, requiring you to re-pierce your belly button after having your baby. However, if you don't want to take out your belly button ring you may want to purchase a non-metal pregnancy piercing ring. These are flexible and two inches long to accommodate your growing belly. Pregnant women claim that this product allows them to keep their bellies pierced without the discomfort of other belly button piercing.

Can you get pregnant through your belly button?

hahaha, seriously? no.

Hard belly button?

The belly button is the spot on the body where the umbilical cord attached in the womb. In pregnant woman the belly button starts to pop out as a woman gets later in her pregnancy.

Woman pregnant and her belly buttonpops out is she in labor yes or no?

when a woman pregnant and her belly button pops out does that mean she in labor yes or no

Is it normal for hair to grow inside your belly button?

Yes it is normal

I am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. Is that normal should I be worried?

i am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. is that normal??

Sore belly button?

i am 46 year old, female. i had my tubes tied below belly button in 1987. i do not have a belly button ring. my belly button has pain in and around it with a terrible smell