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Yes. I think ours is even more than that.

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2012-05-06 05:35:35
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Q: Is it normal to have a five degree temperature difference upstairs when using central air conditioning?
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What is best temperature to set central air conditioning with celsius?

25-25.5 Celsius is the best temperature

What is the best temperature to set the central air conditioning to save money?

Try the off temperature. Can't cost anything to not use it.

What are some benefits of central air conditioning?

Benefits of central air conditioning are being able to control the temperature inside of your home, lower level of noise if you have an outdoor unit, and it can improve indoor air quality.

Where online could one go to purchase Central air conditioning units?

You can search for a local temperature control company and find their air conditioning programs. You can then set up an appointment and have your air conditioning down within a week.

Should you close some of the registers in the basement and first floor in a home with single zone central air conditioning to get better upstairs cooling?

You should send the cool air wherever it will do the most good.

When was central air conditioning invented?

central air conditioning is invented in 1902. You can read the history of it and find out more information about air conditioning at

Does central air conditioning need combustion air the way a furnace does?

If your referring to the cooling portion of your central air conditioning the answer is no.

What's the average temperature central air conditioning should blow at?

Our house's outlet temperature at the floor register is about 14C/57F on a day when the outside temperature is 30C/86F. But I feel the register temperature is a bit too warm...

Where can one go to learn more about central air conditioning systems?

A very good place to read about central air conditioning systems is consumer reports. They have a good guide on purchasing central air conditioning systems.

What is central air conditioning system?

a central air conditioning system contains an indoor unit and outdoor unit. the condenser extracts air from the indoors moves it out and brings cool air through the furnace which then distributes it through ducts in the house. in winter time the furnace works to provide your home with warm air. your thermostat is the control center for your central A/C system. when the temperature rises passed the set temperature the thermostat tell the rest of the system to kick on and when the set temperature is reach the system shuts of so in simple terms a central air conditioning systems contains a group of components that distribute air through ducts in the home

How does central air conditioning work?

Central air conditioning is centralling located and can be used to cool several units. It has a central control that controls temperatures for multiple rooms.

What do you do if central air conditioning ducts are not blowing out strong enough to cool upstairs?

There could be a number of problems. Dirty ducts or heat exchanger. Wrong speed on the fan, or turning the wrong way. Plugged filters or vents.

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