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Yes, it is normal to have a hole in your gums where the tooth was removed for a few weeks at times. The pain and the hole will get better. Just keep taking the pain meds as long as you need them. If Tylenol or ibuprofen work to control the pain, switch to one of those, rather than a prescription medication. Taking the medication before it starts to really hurt is best. After it begins to hurt it is harder for the medication to control the pain. Rinse gently with warm salt water while you still have the hole. This will help it to stay clean and being clean will help with the pain. Call your dentist if you have serious concerns. They will be able to help you better, they know exactly what they did. I had my wisom teeth removed roughly 3 years ago. Though, in the past few days I noticed on the right side of my mouth a new hole in the same location. My gums had healed long ago, yet this hole was somewhat small but is growing larger and becoming more painful. I am not sure what the cause of the new hole is. The rest of my mouth seems to be fine aside from 2 other ulcers around the lips. I rarely smoke but brush daily. I am begining mouth washing again as well, but it hasn't proved any help yet. I'm not sure if this is any help to anyone or even related to my former surgery. Either way, I hope to learn more and will add any incite I later find. Yes, the hole might remain there for three months. It is important to rinse with water and salt after you eat to remove the foodthat is trapped there.

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Q: Is it normal to have a hole in your gum and a slight pain after having a wisdom tooth removed?
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Is it normal to have to have your wisdom teeth removed when your 15 and there almost formed?

It is quite common to have wisdom teeth removed anywhere from 15 to 30.

I had my wisdom teeth removed and am now having a problem opening my mouth all the way. Every time I try my mouth feels throbbing pain. Is this normal?

it is not normal

What can't I eat after having wisdom teeth removed?

You can eat after having your wisdom teeth removed, but you should eat food that aren't crunchy, such as mashed potatoes, pudding, and milkshakes.

When can you smoke after having a wisdom tooth removed?

in 3 years time

When can you brush your teeth after having wisdom teeth removed?

A little while after...

Can you drink juice after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be quite painful. You can drink juice after having them removed so long as you don't use a straw.

When will I make bowel movement after widom teeth removed?

Having wisdom teeth removed has no bearing on when you defecate.

Can you get braces having wisdom teeth?

Yes you can get braces having wisdom teeth, and the wisdom teeth will not get brackets put on them but it is best to get the wisdom teeth removed with in at least the first year of having your braces to avoid your teeth not being able to shift correctly

How long after having wisdom teeth removed can you eat solid foods?

a week

Can you play a woodwind instrument after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Yes, of course.

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and there's a flap of skin where one tooth used to be is that normal?

Yes that is normal, that happened with me when my wisdom teeth were removed and it healed up on its own. If you don't play with it, it will settle down in a week or so.

Is it normal to have constant migraines 5 days after having wisdom teeth pulled?

No, having migraines for 5 days in a row is not normal at all after having your wisdom teeth pulled. You should contact the dentist right away.

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