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your bleeding could be due to, either you breaking your hymen or possible you have a cut there that you are unaware about. or you could have internal bleeding. it is probaley best to get it checked out by a doctor though just be sur what is going on down there

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Q: Is it normal to have a period for one day?
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Is it normal to have your period for just one day?

I don't think is normal because a normal period should be 3 - 5 days.

Your period lasted 30 hours this is not normal can i get some answers?

A period lasting 30 hours can be normal as a period can be as short as one day.

Is it normal to have your period for 2 days only every cycle?

Yes. A period as short as one day is considered normal.

Is it normal to get your period for one day stop then couple days later get it again for one day Or is it spotting or anything to do with pregnancy?

what can i drink to stop my period for one day

Can your period start for a day then stop with out taking medication?

Yes, a period can last for as short as one day, in which case it is normal.

Is it normal to only have your period for one day?

no normal period is 3-7 days but don't worry maybe your just lucky

Is it normal to start your period And stop the same day?

Is it normal to start your period and stop the same day

You had period for one day and it stopped on the same day is it normal?

It's not abnormal unless it is abnormal for you.

Is a three day period normal you usually have a 5 day period but for last three months you have been having a three day period Is that normal as you plan to have baby?

yes a normal period can be 3-5 day or longer :) x

Is a one day bleed normal on the pill?

This is normal on the morning after pill but it is not normal on birth control, unless this is your first period on birth control then you may experience a lighter than normal period for you.

Is it normal to have your period for only one day?

What may be normal for one woman, may be different for another. Many things affect how you flow; whether it's stress, pregnancy, etc. Keep track if you have your period last for one day again.

WHAT does it mean if you've been on your period and the Th day for one hour there's no blood?

This is a normal thing with period flow.

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