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I am not a doctor, just a mom. Pain there sounds absolutely typical of both pregnancy and delivery. Some women feel pain there during their entire period. I had it very sharp at the beginning of labor. The nurse said it was hormones. It hurts this week, but might be gone next week. Breast pain works that way too.

congrats on your pregnancy!

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Is it normal for the penis to be sore a day after sex?

Yes it could be hurting because my was hurting after me and my girl had sex Yes it could be hurting because my was hurting after me and my girl had sex

Your nipples are sore since yesterday and you missed your period this month you were supposed to get on 4 may you didn't do sex nothing at all Is it normal when the nipples get sore?

no, that's not normal, YOU FREAK! go see a doctor ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it normal for your penis to be sore after sexual intercourse?

Yes it is normal. It is not recommended to have sex again until your dick has had a chance to cool down. Think of it as your dick saying 'Give me a minute'

Is it normal for a boy nipples not to be sore during puberty?

Yes it is perfectly normal. In fact if they are sore then it is a cause for concern

Is it normal to have sore breasts during period?

Yes it is normal :)

If i have a sore throat after sex are you pregnant?


What is the cause of sore nipples in you?

rough sex

Can you have intercourse with a cold sore?

You can have intercourse just don't give oral sex while you have a cold sore. If you have a cold sore and give your partner oral sex you could pass cold sores to their genitals.

Sore breasts after period?

its normal

Can a penis get tired of sex?

Generally, it is not the penis that gets tired of sex, but the participants. However, yes, the penis can get sore and rubbed raw from a lot of sex. In that case, just wait until you want sex and the penis is no longer sore.

Why is your bum hole itchy and sore?

is you sex on fire

Can you give someone a sore throat?

Oral Sex

What causes a sore frenulum?

Hard, rough sex

You had rough sex 2 days ago and your abdominal area is hurting a lot and a heavy feeling and you have to pee all the time but it doesn't hurt to pee?

i would have to say its normal. you probably just havent worked out for a while and now that you had sex (an abdominal workout) your abs are sore. my abs get a little sore also but im a guy.

Is sex sore for girls?

Normal sex should not hurt. Sometimes, if you are playing a little rough (make sure this is by choice) or if you have a prolonged escapade, you may be a bit sore after the fact. If a guy is being too rough with you and it hurts, be sure to let him know. Any good partner will want you to enjoy things too, and should calm down.

Is it normal for a belly piercing to be red sore and itch after 4 days?

only if you want it to be sore and itcy

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you do not normally have sore breasts but had very sore breasts and nipples the week prior to and the week following a normal period?

If the period wasn't normal yes. Because your period was normal, your not pregnant.

Is extremely sore breasts during early pregnancy normal?

yes, very normal

If you have a broken nose is it normal to have a sore throat?

Its not normal you probably just got a cold

If you gain weight is it normal for breasts to be sore?


Is it normal to have sore heads after a head injury?


Is it normal to have sore breasts during puberty?


If i have taken the morning after pill twice in one week and experiencing brown discharge and a sore vagina is this normal?

Well the brown discharge is a side effect of the MAP but no the sore vagina. I would say that this was due to either rough or prolonged sex or maybe a lack of lubrication.

Could you be pregnant if you have never had sore nipples before and they have been really sore for four days and you do have unprotected sex with your husband?

The sore nipples are not half the indicator that "unprotected sex with husband" is. If you miss a period, wait a couple of weeks and take a pregnancy test.

Why would a woman have a sore vagina after urination with blood if she had no sex?

You can still have a urinal infection. You get that from bacterias whether you have sex or not.