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Infected Piercing?You have an infection from the thing in your stomach. Surprise, surprise, poking holes in your body isn't a good idea. AnswerNot normal. You need to go to the Dr. immediately and get some disinfectant. Take out your piercing as it's only agrivating your sore. You could get a serious bacterial infection which could spread, so please get that checked out.


It's probably from the jewelry? Are you wearing a dangly belly button ring from a store? Most of them are made of nickel and will irritate your piercing. Take it out and get a better ring from a shop, and it should go back to normal.


DO NOT TAKE REMOVE YOUR PIERCING!! If you believe your piercing may be infected, it is important that you keep it in to allow any pus to drain. If you do have an infection, removing the jewelry would allow for your skin to close up around the infection, which could lead to other very serious problems. You should see a doctor, and he/she may prescribe you an antibiotic. If it turns out to be simply irritated, I recommend avoiding any navel jewelry with nickel in it or anything that dangles.

2011-07-11 01:32:41
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Q: Is it normal to have a tender red pus-filled bubble inside of your navel after having it pierced for eight months?
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