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Is it normal to have a wisdom tooth hole remain more than two months after the extraction?

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Yes. The military pulled 6 teeth at once. It took about a year for the hole to close up.


After a dental extraction, it takes a few weeks for the gums to heal. But it takes at least three months for the bone to heal.


Get some CoQ10 (a vitamin supplement). CoQ10 works miracles helping mouth tissues to heal. Ideally, buy some 100Mg CoQ10 softgels and take four a day, spread out across the day. CoQ10 is found in cells throughout the body, but it is found in highest concentration in gum/mouth tissue cells. I take it 100Mg to 200Mg daily, but when I have any dental work planned I ramp-up the amount a couple of weeks in advance and continue until it has healed.

I learned about CoQ10 years ago, prior to having all four of my impacted wisdom teeth extracted. I took it prior to, and following their removal. When I went back to the dentist for a follow-up visit, the dentist remarked that he'd never seen anyone heal so quickly. I'm convinced the CoQ10 supplementation was responsible for my quick recovery.

My father had a very similar result - very quick healing following dental work and CoQ10 supplementation.

2010-02-21 19:18:23
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Q: Is it normal to have a wisdom tooth hole remain more than two months after the extraction?
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Is swelling a normal reaction to wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes. It is normal.

Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after wisdom teeth extraction?


Swollen face after wisdom teeth extraction?

That is totally normal - don't worry.

Is wisdom tooth extraction reduces mind?

is wisdom tooth extraction reuces mind

Is head preasure and ringing in the ears normal after wisdom tooth extraction?

No. You are requested to consult the ENT specialist.

Is soreness normal after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes. Didn't you read any of the materials your dentist gave you???

Is it normal to keep vomiting your food a week after the extraction of wisdom teeth?

no you should seek medical advice.

Is it normal after a tooth extraction for the tooth next to the extraction site to hurt?

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and the teeth next to the wound were very sore for about a week and a half.

Is pressure in the head normal following wisdom tooth extraction?

No, but a headache and sore jaws are. You should call your dentist.

What can you eat your 2nd day of wisdom tooth extraction?

The 2nd day after your wisdom tooth extraction, you are restricted to soft foods such as jello.

When can you rinse vigorously after wisdom teeth extraction?

Just after the teeth extraction is healed.

When would a wisdom tooth extraction require an oral surgeon?

Wisdom tooth extraction requires an oral surgeon when the wisdom tooth is compacted, or when the area around the tooth is infected.

Wisdom tooth extraction?

A surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth (or teeth) is common with most young adults. During this type of extraction, an oral surgeon will cut into the gum line to expose the tooth, from which point the extraction is performed much in the same way as a simple tooth extraction. Prior to wisdom tooth extraction, the dental office will take a panoramic x-ray to give the dental surgeon a focused and clear view of how the wisdom teeth are situated and an indication of the difficulty of extraction.

How long is normal for your gum to hurt after an extraction?

This depends on what tooth was extracted. Molars require the most time to heal, with the "wisdom teeth" being the longest. The gums can hurt for a week after a molar extraction.

When can you fly after wisdom tooth extraction?


Do wisdom teeth grow back after extraction?

No, they do not.

Is it normal to not be able to have a complete smile after wisdom teeth extraction?

i have had my wisdom tooth pulled yesterday, it hasnt been 24hrs, and i believe that is normal. it hurts to smile or even swallow because i have a huge hole that has been sewn shut. so yes i think its totally normal.

Is it normal to have a painful black layer of skin over wisdom teeth sockets more than two months after extraction?

No, it is not. Return to the surgeon who performed the extractions and allow him/her to evaluate the situation. This is considered normal follow-up care and is included in the fee charged for the extractions. Do not put this off.

How long does it take for a full recovery from wisdom teeth extraction?

Eventually. The gums will heal in about a week. The bone takes longer, up to three months. If there are holes in your gums, it takes longer for them to become normal because of the healing process of the bone.

Is it normal to have headaches after wisdom teeth removal?

YES - usually on the same side of the face as the extraction is on. Along with neck ache and ear ache

Is it normal for you to have severe migraines leading to slight loss in vision and swelling knots on your jawbone and throbbing of the temples after wisdom teeth extraction?


Is throat pain normal after wisdom tooth extraction?

No it is not, there is an infection present and you should consult your dentist as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

Is the extraction of wisdom teeth any more painful than the extraction of other teeth?


Can you sleep after a wisdom tooth extraction?

only if you want

Can breastfeeding delay the healing of wisdom teeth extraction?