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No, yellow and/or green discharge is never normal during pregnancy

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Is it normal for teenagers to have yellow mucus discharge?

if it dark its infection

Is Mucus-like discharge at 6 months pregnant normal?


Can you still be pregnant but still get discharge?

Yes. A creamy, sticky discharge is normal. It is secreted as your "mucus" plug" develops.

Are you pregnant if the only symptom you have is yellow mucus discharge and what is this?

this is not a usual sign that you are pregnant this could be many reasons why you get this. you should get in touch with your doctor and talk to them about this problem.

What if there is a mucus like discharge after you already lost your mucus plug?

Totally normal

Is it normal to have clear sticky vaginal discharge at 1 month pregnant?

Yes, perfectly. You should be worried about blood or pinkish mucus. Yes,vaginal discharge increase while pregnant becasue of the increase in blood flow to the area.

Will you have cervical mucus if you are pregnant?

You can. Some women get a milky discharge called leukorrhea.

Is the thick white mucus stuff a sign of me being pregnant. I have a normal discharge that is always a little runny and the stuff i have now is thick and is sticking to the inside?

no its not!

Do you have a mucas like discharge when pregnant?

in the last month or so you'll have more discharge like mucus. you can earlier on though.

You got pink discharge with mucus on your due of period are you pregnant?

I Had my preiod 3 weeks ago could I be pregnant

What colour should your mucus be if your pregnant and do you discharge if your pregnant and if so what should it look like?

clear and white but this can also be ovulation--if you're pregnant the discharge incease more--you're panty will be wet more but this is normal as long it white or clear--any other color can mean yeast infection --

What is a white discharge that does not smell?

A:It can be many things: normal cervical mucus discharge that represents non-fertile mucus. Yeast infection, which is usually associated with itchiness and burning sensation.

Do you still have a vaginal discharge of mucus when you're going to be pregnant?

All women have vaginal discharge prior to being pregnant, as this is our natural lubricant. During pregnancy, the discharge will increase in amount as the pregnancy progresses.

Can your mucus plug be yellowish green?

Yes its perfectly normal for mucus plug to be tinged Green or Yellow. Mucus plus means exactly that .. Mucus..

What the mucus is that is coming out of your vagina?

If you are talking about a whiteish yellow discharge, than don't worry. That discharge is the vagina's natural way of cleaning itself.

Can chlamydia cause a mucus discharge?

Yes, chlamydia can cause a mucus discharge.

Is a mucus-like discharge that is a dark red color normal when you are not pregnant and have no std's?

def. not...stop waisting time asking online and go talk to ur doc about it asap

10 weeks pregnant with a snotty yellowish mucus with no smell is this normal?

Yes, perfectly normal.

Your breast is tender and you get sharpe cramps and feel sick out the day and see alot of mucus iam you pregnant?

probably. You have a lot of discharge when you are pregnant.

Is white discharge normal?

For a man, no. For a woman, if there is no odd smell, and it doesn't irritate, this is normal. Having a white discharge is quite normal. You will usually see it on your panties. Only be concerned it is quite smelly and there is lots and lots of it. As vaginal discharge, this is known as cervical mucus. Your cervical mucus changes during your cycle. You will find that near the time of ovulation your vagina area will be "wet" while other times it is "dry." While you are ovulating, your cervical mucus will be clear (like raw egg white), slippery and stretchy. At other times in your cycle it will be white or creamy and quite sticky. Yellow discharge usually means signs of thrush. When in doubt, get checked out.

Can you be producing what seems to be fertile mucus and still be pregnant?

Having extra mucousy discharge is actually a sign of pregnancy.

Is a mucus-like discharge normal during pregnancy?

Of course it is! Discharge is normal for women, especially pregnant women. When you become pregnant, your discharge is increased dramatically. I am currently pregnant and I have to wear panty liners everyday. Nothing to be ashamed or worried about. On the other hand, if the discharge is irritating or foul smelling, then you probably have an infection. Common infections with women during pregnancy are yeast and bacterial. Both can be treated (even though they continue to reoccur) and neither is sexually transmitted. But of course, this is a question you need to discuss with your OB. During pregnancy it is normal to have an increase in vaginal discharge. It is called leukorrhea. It is usually white or yellow and fairly thick. Don't worry, it is not an infection. They believe it is caused by the increased blood flow to the skin and muscles around the vagina. You may have to wear sanitary pads if you have a heavy discharge. If the discharge you have is accompanied by a foul smell, or there is irritation or itching around or inside the vagina, then make sure to see you heath care provider. I you with your question! Stacey Yes it's normal. It is probably bits and pieces of your mucus plug coming out. As long as it is not accompanied with cramps, fever or any blood it is normal! Yes, Of Course It Is. As Long As You Don't Get Cramp After It Is Perfectly Normal

What if brown mucus discharge till 6 weeks even if you are pregnant?

If you are 6 weeks pregnant, this brown discharge may be old blood from your last period. However, you should speak to your Doctor about this incase it is an infection.

Is heavy vaginal discharge during the last trimester of pregnancy normal?

If it is the last trimester it could be the mucus plug

Is it normal to lose your mucus plug at 29 weeks?

Was it kinda bloody too. Are you sure its your plug and not just discharge.