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I think it could be normal, if the pool is not losing water. On my filter and pump, I have a valve, that when open, causes bubbles to come out of the low end jets, simulating the jets of a jacuzzi. When closed, there are no bubbles. If the pool is losing water, then the appearance of bubbles in the pump, or coming out of the jets could be due to air from from the outside which would mean a leak in one or more of the lines or at the fittings. Also, I'm curious as to how one would "pressure check" a return line from the skimmer, the main drain or vacuum line since these wouldn't be under pressure from the pump. If your pool is blowing air back into the pool through the return lines, it is caused by an air leak, on the suction side of the pump. Because the pump is above the water level of the pool, you will not lose any water. To check to see if you are sucking air at the pump, turn the pump on and take some dish detergent and squirt it along each Plumbing fitting in front of the pump. Watch to see if any soap bubbles form in the pump housing. If so, you'll probably need to to replace those fittings, one of them is leaking.


The leak discussed above could involve both in and out fittings on the pump or it could be a leaking pump seal or a loose pump lid or lid gasket. The probable cause of this leak at the fittings is that the pump ran dry at some point in time causing the PVC fittings to become hot and shrink.

Pressure testing of the return lines involves plugging those lines at the pool and and pump. The people who do this sort of thing have a tool or tools to insert in the system and introducing air into those lines monitoring pressure loss in each particular line through a process of elimination.


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Q: Is it normal to have air in the return lines if the pipe pressure is OK and the skimmers are full of water?
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