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No, call your doctor right away. well i had the same thing and i came out fine it will be alright No,it's not normal however that does not necessarily mean that you've miscarried. I had spotting and cramps went to ER I was 5 wks and 2 days. Test were fine. I had an ultrasound but the it was too early to see the baby's heartbeat. If you're really worried, I suggest you talk to your doctor and maybe have an ultrasound just to see that status of the pregnancy. Good Luck

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โˆ™ 2004-04-23 16:00:07
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Q: Is it normal to have cramps and spotting when one month pregnant?
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Can you be one month pregnant and still have menstrual spotting?

if spotting can you still be pregnant?

Is spotting the whole month normal when taking birth control pills?

Break through bleeding means the pills are not working, and that you CAN get pregnant.

Is ok for me to be spotting brown reddish for over a month an am pregnant with 7 wks?

Probably. Spotting is normal. If you soak through more than one pad in an hour, though, go to the hospital.

I want to know could i be pregnant if i had a cycle only for 3 days. when i last a week?

hey,I usually have my period on the 9-10th every month for 5days...with cramps,not too bad. the past 3 months Ive had my period on 8-11th of each month,lasting about 2-3days spotting to this normal??

What happend to me. i found some spotting this and last month. but there is no bleeding?

You got the pregnant?

Is spotting blood normal on your 4 month of pregnancy?

4 month of pregnancy blood come out it is normal or some serious problem

How early would you feel cramps from being pregnant?

2 month to 3.

You got off the depo provera a few months ago my period had been coming really heavy and this month I've had discharge spotting then nothing with lots of cramps could i be pregnant?

yes maybe you could be pregnant discuss matters with you docter

You have irregular periods But last month you missed a period and pregnancy test was negative This month around your period you are having a pink spotting Are you pregnant?

spotting is Implantation bleeding which is a sign of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant

If you have a normal period the month after sex can you get pregnant?


What if you had a normal period this month are you pregnant?

Probably not.

You had light pink brownish spotting It was very light your period is not due for another 2 weeks are you pregnant?

If your period was not due for 2 weeks, it sounds as if you had some ovulation spotting, which is completely normal and might or might not happen every month.

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