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Is it normal to have diarrhea within the first two weeks of missed period?


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Diarrhea is a side effect if you have missed Birth Control pills or have stopped taking them for awhile.

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absolutly, women have symptoms within days of conception even way before their missed period

Your first sign of pregnancy is typically your missed period. Symotoms, such as breast changes, begin to occur within the week of your missed period or it could eve be 1-2 weeks after the week of your missed period.

Yes this is normal. Your period should return to a normal cycle within 3 months.

For me within the first 2 weeks... wayyy before my missed period

Yes, it is well within the range of being considered normal.

This is normal with birth control. You will have a period anytime within the 7 days of the last pills.

yes but only if you just started like a year ago if you have had your period for more than a year than no it is not normal

It should come back to normal within 2 months.

If you got your period, you're 99.9% not pregnant. A period is essentially a 'missed opportunity' at getting pregnant. If the two pills you missed were the last two pills of the month, it just means your period came early because you stopped the cycle a little early. No big deal. ________________________________________________________ I disagree with this, because if she had sex close to her period...then she could very well still be pregnant, because it takes really a week for the egg to get fertilized or whatever, so within that time she could have her period because she technically isn't pregnant yet. but if she missed 2 pills, she might have had her period because she missed the caused a disturbance in the cycle so it brings on a period.

Yes, it's completely normal not to have your period at the age of 14 years old. The average age of menarche (first period) is 13 years old but anything up to 16 years old is considered within normal range.

While it is not normal, it is a side effect of the MAP. Not all women experience this side effect and even if you do this time is not an indication that you will or will not the next time. It is not a normal period and you will have your regular period when it is due or within a day or two of that time.

You should wait until you have missed your period before you take a pregnancy test. If it is negative and you still have not gotten your period within a week, take another test.

The obvious answer is No if UNPROTECTED ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== THE LATEST PREGNANCY test avilable without a prescription, can tell within 5 days of a missed period if you are pregnant............

Normal bleed after a miscarriage is 1-2 weeks so it's not your period. You get your period back sometimes within 8 weeks from the miscarriage.

Yes, it's normal to have vaginal discharge but not your period. Discharge starts as you enter puberty and continues throughout your life, typically menarche comes within four years of starting puberty.

If you've been on the pill for a while, and are used to light periods that last only a couple of days with no cramping, when you go off the pill you can go immediately back to longer periods with cramping and increased bloating. Some women may take longer to get back to their "normal" period, but everyone's different so what's normal? For me, and it sounds like for you, normal was a heavy period, and it started back that way within the first to two months off the pill.

Within a day or so of the first missed day of your period. OTC eary pregnancy tests are affordable and very accurate.

Yes. Pregnancy symptoms start in 10 to 16 days after conception. Most women's first sign is a missed period.

Sometimes having periods within a short time can indicate fibroids and you should see your doctor as you can become anemic.

No, it's not bad for a 10 year old to have a period. The average age of menarche (first period) is 13 years old but anything from 10-16 is considered within normal range.

There are ranges of normal, and you are well within the curve. Check with your doctor during your next physical.

Yes, this is completely normal. Irregular periods are normal within your teens as it takes time for your body to get into a regular pattern of ovulation, and thus into a regular pattern of menstruation.

Yes they can, and if left untreated, can be fatal within a few days

Yes, uncontrolled diarrhea for several days can kill an adult rabbit by causing dehydration. Baby rabbits with diarrhea, however, are at a very severe risk and they can die within hours if not treated.

Yes, most often this is a precursor to starting your period, within the next few days. If your period doesn't start, if you are sexually active take a HPT, just to be safe.

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