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Is it normal to have liquid discharge all the time except when on your period?

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2011-10-20 17:06:18

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"Discharge_probably_normal">Discharge probably normal

I am not a doctor, or anything like one, but I have been in the

health care 'profession' as a caregiver, nurse's aide, etc., for

many years, plus I am a woman who has gone through her fair share

of underwear with this same concern. According to doctors, some of

them gynecologists, a certain amount of discharge from our nether

region is normal as long as it doesn't have a disagreeable smell.

Now some of us wonder what disagreeable is: the going yardstick for

that I think is, if it smells like it's unhealthy, it probably is.

If it just smells like 'chicken or fish' (we all remember that

tired old joke from high school, huh?) it is probably o.k. If you

have copious amounts of any discharge, though I would get it

checked out, and if it's nothing, you will know that it is just a

part of your particular body and 'treat' it by wearing little pads

to protect underwear. Keeping yourself really clean, giving

yourself peri (pussy) care a morning and evening can help you feel

fresh 'down there'; I do it first thing in the morning and last

thing at night, with a separate facecloth.

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