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Yeah, I get that sometimes. It's no big deal. :)

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Q: Is it normal to have pinkish brownish discharge while on the 18th pill of birth control pill?
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Could you be pregnant if after your period you started to experience brownish pink discharge?

A brownish pinkish discharge is not a normal indication of pregnancy.

Is it normal to have brownish discharge when you start your first period?

Yes it is.

What would spotting pinkish brownish discharge 2 weeks before and for a few days off and on before your period mean?

It's totally normal. It's just dried blood from your last period.

What does it mean when the blood in your period changes?

If for instance it is a day or two before your periods and you expect pinkish/reddish discharge; its normal and if it is days after your period and you experience dark red or brownish (blood) or discharge, it is probably old blood excreting your body and its also normal. It can only be something to worry about if it has a blood smell and is continuous.

Is it normal to have pinkish discharge after intercourse?

If you have just started having sex,yes.Or if it was rough,maybe.

Brownish discharge mid-cycle is this normal?

Yes, it is just the blood getting mixed with your period blood

Is it normal to have lite vaginal discharge during pregnancy?

Yes many experience a discharge during pregnancy, it may be white or even brownish in colour.

Whats wrong if i had a period that only went for 4 days and now i have sore stomach and a brownish pink discharge?

it probably means that you are on birth control, and youre normal. that is not something to be worried about.

Is it normal to have pinkish discharge at 6 weeks pregnant?

Im interested because I'm.six weeks and having this same problem

My bunny has a brownish discharge is that bad?

Yes, it is bad if your rabbit has a brownish discharge. If your rabbit has a brownish discharge, it is sick and you should bring it to the vet. See the related questions below for more info and links. A discharge of any colour, from anywhere on a rabbit's body, is a sign of illness, and the rabbit should see a vet with experience and training in rabbits. Normal, healthy feces are solid, brown balls. Normal urine is liquid (not at all thick) -- it could be clear or pale yellow, or it could be reddish, orangish, or dark brownish -- these are all healthy and normal. A thickish brownish discharge from the genitals could be something called "urine sludge," which is not healthy and, without treatment, could lead to serious problems.

Brownish discharge ten days after menstrual cycle is it normal?

if u get it every month maybe its ovulation spotting

Is white discharge normal after starting birth control?

yes it is completely normal.

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