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Is it normal to have really huge blood clots when you are on your period?

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no its not normalNo, its not normal to have huge blood clots. Even i suffered from them when i started my periods. but i couldn't really discuss my problem with anyone as i felt very embarassed about my problem. But i guess one should see a doc for this.
2011-09-13 02:50:46
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Can blood clots delay you period?

No. Blood clots are part of a normal period.

Is a period normal with red blood clots?

It's perfectly natural to experience clots during your period, don't worry.

Blood clots during your period?

blood clots doing my period

Why are clots in your period blood and lots of flooding this time?

* you see blood clots which are actually clots of tissue in your menstruation -- don't worry, this is a normal occurrence and is no cause for alarm. Blood clots such as these are perfectly normal because menstruation involves the shedding of the lining of the uterus.

What causes clots in your period after a tubal?

* you see blood clots which are actually clots of tissue in your menstruation -- don't worry, this is a normal occurrence and is no cause for alarm. Blood clots such as these are perfectly normal because menstruation involves the shedding of the lining of the uterus.

Should you experience blood clots when you go to the bathroom?

During your period it is normal to experience blood clots but if you mean when you go to the bathroom and are not on your period, then this is not normal and should be investigated. It is most likely caused by a hormonal inbalance.

Are excessive blood clots during a womens period ok?

No excessive blood clots are not normal you should be seen by your heath care provider.

Is passing large blood clots after a period normal?

It's unlikely that you are passing blood clots. You're likely seeing reminants of the uterus lining being expelled towards the end of your period. Yes, this is completely normal.

Is it normal to have blood clots in your period?

I believe it is normal, I get it too. I'm no expert. But you're not the only one.

Is it normal for the first day of your period to clott blood?

Clots are common during your whole period in some people and is perfectly normal.

Is it normal to feel very large blood clots and be able to push them out during a period?

Being able to feel very large blood clots, may be a problem. Feeling blood clots is normal, but large ones may cause vaginal viruses.

What is the jelly stuf when you get your period?

You are seeing blood clots and this a very normal occurrence during your menstrual cycle. You may experience a lot of them or very little blood clots.

Why do you have clots in your period blood?

It's natural and nothing to worry about. When blood gets out of your veins, it clots. If it didn't the bleeding would not stop. Bruises and blood blisters are blood clots under the skin. If the blood comes out from your skin it gets really dry and forms a scab. Period blood remains in wet lumps inside you until it comes out. That's all normal and good.Maybe you hear about blood clots being bad, but that's because they're INSIDE the veins, so they can stick in your heart or brain.

Is it normal to get chunks of blood on your period?

Yes, those are small blot clots. Or so I was told.

Is it normal to have blood clots 5 weeks after hysterectomy?

My nurse said that it is normal to have some blood clots. As you begin to heel the blood clots will start to break away from the wound.

Dark blood in the millde of your period?

The blood from your period should be dark, not bright, red because it is "old" blood that the uterus sheds. It is also normal to see clots or lumps of blood during your period.

Does black blood clots instead of blood for your period mean your pregnant and if it smells really really bad?

Black blood clots do not relate to whether or not you are pregnant. You should see a doctor if the clots are bad. In general, if you are on your period/ losing blood, you are not pregnant. The smell and color mean you may have an infection It may also be an viral STI (as opposed to just bacterial).

Is it normal to pass blood clots bigger then your hand four days after your period?

No seek medical attention

Blood in urine while you have your period?

Having blood in your urine while you have your period is completely normal. In some instances, there may be blood clots in your urine. This is generally nothing to be alarmed about, either.

What is the thicker substance the blood from your period?

Blood clots

What causes small egg-shaped blood clots in a period?

Blood clots in a period are due to blood that was stationary long enough to begin to congeal.

Can blood clot past out through your period?

Yes, blood clots can pass in menstrual flow. Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood so you won't pass many clots, a lot of what you might see as clots is actually uterine lining that has been shed or cervical mucus that has mixed with blood. Actual blood clots are actually very uncommon.

Is it normal to get big Blood clots and heavy bleeding during second period after labor?

You need to see your doctor.

If you have your period while pregnant would you get big clots and a dark brownish color?

Clots during pregnancy is usually a indication of a miscarriage. Brown bleeding is usually old blood which isn't a normal period.

What does it mean to keep passing blood clots on your period?

It's normal. The uterus lining is shredding so you bleed fresh blood which has to clot.