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it is normal. with hormone flucuations, there can be pain in the nipples at any given point in time.

2006-09-11 10:45:24
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Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated inside during intercourse and the next day you are experiencing mild cramping?

There is always a chance of pregnancy when you have unprotected sex. The mild cramping could be from sex. If you had sex right before ovulation or during ovulation, there is a huge chance of pregnancy. If you miss your period then take a pregnancy test. Hope this helps.

Does cramping after ovulation mean your not pregnant?

Not neccessarily

What causes low left pelvic pain with cramping and low back pain?

*This is most likely ovulation pain, early premenstrual cramps or if you have had unprotected sex it could be implantation cramps.

Is it normal to have cramping and abdominal swelling after your period?

This could be a symtom of endometriosis. I have it and around ovulation time my abdomin swells and I have cramping and back pain. This could be a symtom of endometriosis. I have it and around ovulation time my abdomin swells and I have cramping and back pain.

How long does ovulation cramping last?

anywhere from one day to three

Is it normal toc cramp after your poriod?

Yes, you can have cramping during ovulation.

Can cramping after ovulation be a sign of early pregnancy?

Yes it can be a sign of pregnancy.

What can cause cramping?

It depends on the cramping involved. Running is a cause. So is ovulation. So does constipation or having an overly full stomach.

Can stopping NuvaRing cause cramping?

Women using NuvaRing normally have less cramping with their withdrawal bleeding than they experienced with their periods. In addition, since NuvaRing prevent ovulation, users don't get any ovulation cramping. As a result, women stopping NuvaRing may notice more cramping as they return to their previous menstrual pattern.

Why is my Period almost over but still cramping?

Because it's called ovulation.

Can you get pregnant if you have a strong ovulation pain?

Yes, you can. Ovulation pain has nothing to do with your chances of getting pregnant. Sometimes cramping around your ovary region can be a sign of ovulation. Your ovulation time is the best to try to get pregnant but the ovulation pain really does not have anything to do with it.

Is cramping a sypmtom of pregnancy a day after conceiving?

Not necessarily. Cramping can be from many different things, including gas in the large intestine, ovulation, and menstruation.

What could cause slight cramping colostrum leakage random pain in lower abdomen?

Pregnancy. Or hormonal imbalances? not sure...

Is cramping a sign of pregnancy after 7 days?

Some women do experience mild abdominal cramping during early pregnancy. Cramping can also be caused by period, ovulation, water infection, diarrhoea etc.

What are the main symptoms of ovulation?

The main symptoms of ovulation are cramps, fevers (rare), or mood swings. You may notice that the cramping may not be coming directly from your stomach, but rather, bellow it. This may be a sign of ovulation.

How long do you cramp during ovulation?

So far I have been cramping for four days now.

Can you be pregnant if you are 16 days from your period and having mild cramps if you have had unprotected sex for over a week?

It is quite possible you could be pregnant. Sometimes early on in pregnancy you can experience mild cramping. you are at high risk to getting pregnant-- but maybe your cramping now because of ovulation and its 14 days so i believed is ovulation and if you were to have sex its a big chance you will get pregnant to today--the ovulation only last 24 hours.... you will know you are ovulation when you see clear or white discharge...good luck Yes, it is quite possible. You must remember that having unprotected sex (this includes without him ejaculating as well because pre-ejaculate is capable of getting a female pregnant too) always makes you very susceptible to becoming pregnant. You should use at least some form of contraception to prevent pregnancy. In order for a woman to become pregnant, her egg must be fertilized during ovulation which occurs about fourteen days before her menstrual period.

Can clomid cause slight cramping near the ovary region right after taking it and the cramping remains till the 5th last pill?

Of course! Since Clomid is meant to stimulate ovulation, you may have cramping near the ovaries.

Does cramping mean ovualtaion?

It can mean ovulation. Some people can ovulate and feel nothing at all. It could also mean you have gas. You can't rely on it as a sign of ovulation.

Why would you have very slight cramping two weeks before your period is due?

It might be due to ovulation.

Can women feel ovulation?

Yes, pain during ovulation is called mittelschmerz. It occurs in around 20% of women and can be sometimes more painful than menstrual pain and cramping.

Would cramping since ovulation and 10 days after ovulation light pink discharge mean pregnancy?

If you are having light pink dis charge 10 days after ovulation, it is usually a sign that the egg is implanting itself to the wall.

What do period like pains mean a few days after ovulation?

Hello, Lower abdominal cramping or mild pains is very common prior to & after ovulation. This is basically because you've ovulated.

Could I be pregnant if I have sore nipples mild cramping and it is 5 days after my ovulation?

I expect it's just pms

If i just got off my period and had unprotected sex 3 days later can cramping be a sign of early pregnancy?

or pms