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Usually burning while urinating means you have a urinary tract infection. Call your doctor to have a urine test done. In the mean time drink Cranberry tea or take some cranberry pills. Not both either do one or the other. Try to stay away from the juice unless it is pure Cranberry Juice not the cockateil due to the sugar.

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Q: Is it normal to have your pee burn when you are nine months pregnant?
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What is the normal blood pressure of 19 months pregnant women?

Likely non-existent, as women are only pregnant for nine months.

Is a woman pregnant for nine or ten months?

A woman is pregnant for nine months.

How many weeks in nine months?

you are 36 week if you are nine months pregnant.

Is a burning sensation in the stomach normal when you're nine months' pregnant?

You should contact your doctor or hospital.

Can a girl be pregnant for ten months?

No, the normal gestation period is nine months (40 weeks) and medical intervention would be made after around 42 weeks.

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Is it normal to go nine months without having your period?

mainly if ur pregnant but other things can cause that too, like stress

How many months is a human pregnant for?

Nine normally.

What is the gestation period of a pregnant teen?

Nine months.

How long is a wild horse pregnant?

About nine months to a year

How do you treat a nine months pregnant woman having difficulty in breathing?

how to treat a nine months womam having difficulty in breathing

You are pregnant with his baby how long should you wait to call him?

Nine months.

Why are females only pregnant for nine months and not a full year?

the fetus is fully developed at nine months, so its ready to come out at nine doesn't feel like waiting for another three to pass

How many months is 33 weeks of pregnancy?

There are 40 weeks in pregnancy (that is nine months pregnant). At 33 weeks regnant you would be 7 months and 1 week pregnant.

Humans are pregnant for approximately nine months How many weeks on average are dogs pregnant?

9 weeks

Is it normal to have pain on the knees while being nine months pregnant?

PAIN IN THE KNEES IS NORMAL you have 35 pounds of pressure sitting on them (average weight in pregnancy) your knees and back and stomach will go back to normal in about 1 week after pregnancy.

How long do orangutans stay pregnant?

Like humans, the gestation period (how long they are pregnant) of an orangutan is about nine months.

When you are nine months pregnant what does your vagina look like?

Like sleeve of wizard.

How many months does it take for cat give birth?

Cats are pregnant approximately 9 weeks.

How long is an anaconda pregnant?

Nine months, then they give birth to up to 80 young.

What day did get pregnant if baby is due April 12?

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How long are howler monkeys pregnant?

the average monkey takes 8 to nine months

What day did you get pregnant if your due date is septemer 13 2011?

You are pregnant for about nine months so, you probably got pregnant somewhere about December 13 2010.

Why are most woman pregnant for nine months?

Because that's how long it takes to grow a baby.