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Yes. Its like a high ringing. That's normal. Its the sound of silence...

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What is dead silence?

A complete lack of sound.basically it means total, eerie silence

What doesn't make a sound and disappears when you call its name?

Silence (it doesn't make a sound. It's gone if you call its name. Why? you broke the silence. But silence has no sound. Therefore, silence is the answer)

What is sound louder than?

silence is louder than sounds

What is the opposite of a sound?

Silence is the opposite or antonym of sound.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sound of Silence - 2012?

The cast of Sound of Silence - 2012 includes: Andy Hassell as Prophet

Is silence a noise?

silence is illusion noise is everywhere except in space Improved (by Sunrise Moon): No, silence is not a noise because a noise is sound, and sound can be heard, so can you hear silence? No...so it isn't a noise I don't think.

What do musical notes symbolize?

Simply - music is made up of sound and silence. Notes represent sound while rests represent silence.

What part of speech is silence?

Silence is a noun (an absence of sound) and a verb (to rest or quiet something).

How do you spell shh meaning silence?

That is the normal onomatopoeia word "shh." It is also referred to as shushing, or hushing and may be elongated as "shhh" to indicate a longer sound.

What is the theme of The Sound of Silence?

Alienation and lack of communication.

What is the sound of hate?


Can you cHanGe My MInDSilence is a sound. ;)?

Silence is sound for those who are gonna say it's not. :) Mwah

Is silence a sound?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition for silence is:"1: forbearance from speech or noise2: absence of sound or noise"

Is silence a concrete noun?

Yes, the noun 'silence' is a concrete noun, a word for the physical state of absence of sound.

Did the Beatles sing the song of silence?

If you're referring to 'The Sound of Silence', that was written and performed by Simon and Garfunkel, not The Beatles.

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