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I am 30 weeks going on 31 weeks and and my tummy size is equivalent to the average 4 month pregnant woman! The doctor says he is growing perfectly and is for the most part very healthy. This being my "first pregnancy" and a "boy" many mothers say that is why I am not revealing as much. I agree it could get quite irratating when others comment my size and many people stare thinking "Uhm, is she or is she not pregnant? Maybe she just had to many doughnuts!", but the way I look at it is we have much less to work off at the end! :)

Answer Showing is different in all women. Many overweight women don't really show, and some really thin women don't show either. It all depends if this is your first pregnancy or not, and your build. I didn't show at all with my first pregnancy but with my second I was big as a house. I am 27 weeks pregnant as well, and i keep getting the same thing from people, they say I am small, but everyone is different. I hardly show, I just look like I have put weight on. The baby is fine, the doctor said things look great! I have gained 15 pounds,I guess we are those people who will just be small. Take care I am now 26 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first and in the last three days, I finally started showing! I talked to my doctor at my last apptointment and asked her if it was normal that I could still wear my regular pants at 24 weeks. She said that since everything was fine with the heartbeat and on the ultrasound, I had nothing to worry about. Some women don't show until 30 weeks, and some not at all, so be reassured. I know it's frustrating to not be able to show off the belly, but as long as the baby's healthy, that's all that matters! Its fine.Im the oldest of 5 and when my mother just had my sister last year she didn't show at all she was even able to keep a secret from certain nosy in-laws. I am so glad I am not the only one! I keep wondering if my baby is growing even though the ultrasound and heartbeat are normal. I guess I have to be patient! I am the last of three to become pregnant and everyone else was HUGE by 26 weeks, and they all look at me like I'm not eating enough. I am beginning to show finally. I was small before, but it's not like I was super skinny and I have gained 25 pounds, I guess it's evenly dispersed. I feel it is totally inappropriate to suggest an amount of weight that is " ideal " to gain varies from person to person based on their pre-pregnancy weight. I was underweight before my pregnancy, have gained 25 lbs, and still am hardly showing. It would be horribly unhealthy for someone who begins underweight to only gain 19 - 22 pounds...listen to your doctor and not the people on every other forum I would just consider you REALLY LUCKY since I am 27 weeks and people keep asking me if I'm having TWINS (really isn't that RUDE?) I've only gained 15 lbs too. Well most women become huge depending how big the "bag", which contains your baby, expands. Some women don't expand that much but that doesn't make it irregular. Every pregnancy is different.

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Q: Is it normal to not be showing at 27 weeks?
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