Is it normal to pass tiny blood clots when seven weeks pregnant?

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i don't think so-- if you having pain or cramping feeling you should go to your doctor asap..i wish nothing bad happen good luck
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Is it normal to have cramping at seven weeks pregnant?

Answer . \nI had cramping quite badly early on, but everything was fine. It got better later on, and now (I'm at 35 weeks) my stomach only bothers me when I have to use my abdominal muscles too quickly -- because my abs aren't used to all the weight, probably. Don't worry about it - if your OBGYN ( Full Answer )

At 12 weeks pregnant is red blood and blood clots a bad thing?

Cause of bleeding at 12 weeks pregnant . It could be a bad sign, but it is best to schedule an emergency visit with your doctor to find out the cause of the bleeding. Some women bleed through their entire pregnancy but it is best to consult your doctor to find out exactly what's going on.\n. \n. ( Full Answer )

Is clear clot like discharge normal when pregnant It looks like a blood clot but absolutely clear?

Answer . Any questions about discharge or anything that has to do with your pegnancy that causes concern go to your doctor and ask them to see if everything is ok. It's a lot better to ask the question and find out nothing is wrong, then to not ask the question have something wrong and then later ( Full Answer )

What if you are about 4 to 5 months pregnant and you wake up with blood all over your sheets and a week from that you spot a little and pass a small clot but you are still testing on a pregnancy test?

Answer . You need to get to a doctor. Chances are you have miscarried and your body is coming off of the hormones. You will still test positive until your body has recovered. I may be wrong, but it is important to get to a doctor anyway.\n. \n Answer \n. \nAt this late stage you would kno ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to have a little blood after intercourse when you are about 2 weeks pregnant?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou can only know you are two weeks pregnant by counting back once you have a positive test as two weeks pregnant is the day you conceive. Alternatively if you are (incorrectly) counting from conception, two weeks is the day your period is due so you may be having a perio ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to pass gas a lot when you are only a week and a half pregnant?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nyes it is!You will be very gassy for the whole time you are pregnant!!!I was with both my kids so you will have to get used to it!LOL\n. \n How do you know? \n. \nHow do you know you are pregnant 3 days before ovulating? Because that is when 1 and half weeks pregnant ( Full Answer )

Can you still be pregnant if at 4 weeks you passed a large blood clot?

Answer . It depends whether the blood clot was the Embryo & whether you was carrying twins. The only way to be certain is by going to your doctor for a quantitative beta hcg pregnancy blood test. You will need to ask your doctor specifically for this blood test.

Can blood clots mean you are pregnant?

no blood clots do not mean that you are actually pregnant it could be other things. are they followed by pain cramps and other things, you before you assume you are pregnant go get a pregnancy test from the store if you are not pregnant you should follow up with your doctor. there are other import ( Full Answer )

What is the normal blood clotting time?

In clinical laboratory science it is common to wait 20-30 minutesfor whole blood to clot totally in order to produce serum. Theexact time depends on the container and the condition of the humansubject.

Tiny cell pieces that help blood to clot?

Platelets (also called 'thrombocytes' ) flow in the blood with white & red blood cells. They are what gather together at a damaged site and connect or 'adhere' to one-another, forming a protective barrier. Once formed, other clotting factors floating in the blood literally get 'turned-on' when p ( Full Answer )

Pregnant with blood clots?

Blood clotting when pregnant is formed by deep veins of the legs or in the pelvic area. This condition is known as deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a life-threatening event that occurs when a clot from elsewhere in the body breaks off and travels to the lungs. Risk of devel ( Full Answer )

Can passing blood clots and pregnancy be normal?

It can be normal, but you may want to contact your doctor just in case. Or it could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage although the first two reasons f ( Full Answer )

If you are six weeks pregnant is it normal to be passing a little bit of tissue?

I was 6 weeks pregnant went i started to pass little bits of tissue on the monday, i was sent to the EPAU and scanned, its showed a heart beat, however the bleeding did not stop and i went back on the thurday after more pain and more clots and there was no heart beat. i fully miscarried later that d ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to pass large blood clots that look like liver during your period?

As far as the clots go, the size of these really depends on therate of blood loss from the lining of the uterus, which is shedduring a period and is the cause of the bleeding. If the blood loss is very slow, the blood that appears is oftendark and scanty with few obvious clots. If there is a sudde ( Full Answer )

Why am I passing blood clots between periods?

this sounds like a gynacolical problem. Depending on your age, you either have fybroids that must be removed, or you are menapausal, nomatter which, you must see a gynacologist.

What disorder prevents normal blood clotting?

Von Willebrand's disease. prolongs bleeding time but it doesn't actually prevent it... just delays it. if a person with no von disease bleeds for ten seconds when cut or something a person with von will probably bleed longer before it clots.

Does passing blood clots while pregnant mean a miscarriage?

I'm afraid it did in my case. My husband and I had intercourse in week 11, day 3 of my pregnancy which was painful at the time. The following afternoon I passed some mucous with a light pink tinge. Two days later a little more of this with one tiny speck of blood. By that evening it had become red s ( Full Answer )

Why are you passing blood clots after your period?

There are different reasons that a woman may be passing blood clotsafter their period. It could be fibroid tumors, endometriosis, oranother female issue. It is best to talk to a gynecologist to findout exactly what is going on.

What is normal blood clotting time in camel?

A simple nick that doesn't involve a named vessel should develop a blood clot within 2 minutes. If you are asking about specific clotting times, this will depend upon the test you are running and the reagents you are using.

Is passing large blood clots after a period normal?

It's unlikely that you are passing blood clots. You're likelyseeing reminants of the uterus lining being expelled towards theend of your period. Yes, this is completely normal.