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Only if you are a guy.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-12 21:56:35
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Q: Is it normal to see what looks like semen in the toilet bowl after peeing and pooing only in the morning hours?
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Why does a tapeworm have hooks on it head?

a tapeworm has hooks on its head and round the mouth as a means of clinging to the insides of the stomach when bowel movements (pooing or peeing) occurs, so that it does not get excreted into the toilet or the ground. (the ground... :D)

What is the major responibility of the government?

Pooing in the toilet then shake it, and put it in soup.

How exactly do women wipe themselves after peeing?

with toilet paper... :|

Is peeing legal?

Yes, as long it's in a toilet, etc.

Where can you pee in a bathroom?

You are best off peeing in the toilet though.

Who were the two sides peeing during the battle of okeechobee?

me and you in the toilet!!

When i went to the toilet this morning i noticed a small amount of red blood on the toilet roll. I am 19 weeks pregnant is this normal What should i do?

You should go to your doctor

What if you can't stop peeing?

stay close to the toilet and see your doctor.

When you went to the toilet this morning you had found abit of blood on the toilet roll you are 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant so is it normal to see bleeding?

is it normal to see bleeding in 6 weeks and 5 days of your pregnancy?

Does peeing in the shower feel good?

It feels no different than peeing in the woods or in the toilet, it has however been suggested as a way to conserve water.

If you stop your self pooing what will it do to your body?

If you stop pooing while it is hangin' out, it will either fall in to the toilet or it will get sucked in and you will get constipated for the rest of your life. then you will turn fat and brown and purple and squishy. i'm serious! it happened to my sister! :(

You have white globs of substance that are floating in the toilet when done peeing What are they?

if there are white globs in the toilet after peeing it is simply sperm. sperm is a substance that comes out of the penis while there is a subject of intamacy and it is natural after masturbating or having a wet dream.

How do you get to the toilet before peeing your pants?

May be a sign that you have a bladder control problem.

No blood when wiping but the next time there is why?

Why spot of blood on toilet tissue after peeing.

What if my Sims in The Sims 3 can't stop peeing themselves?

Then make them go to the toilet!

Is reading in the toilet normal?

Yes! It is very normal as you cannot do other things in the toilet.

Why was Thomas elkins important?

He was important because if he didn't make a toilet you would be peeing in the background

How does a boy pee sitting down?

First he sits on the toilet then u holds his penis down aiming in the toilet and pees then put his boxers and pants on boys dont use toilet paper when done peeing

What does it mean to dream about peeing?

In nearly all instances, dreaming about needing to use the toilet is a literal alert to the need to wake up and use the toilet during the night.

How do you get your child to start pooing in the toilet?

It Simple, Just Let Them Go On There Own Time, There Learn Soon. Keep Reminding Them!♥

Is it normal My granny is unable to reach the toilet when she feels like peeing?

It is normal to have urinary incontinence in old age. Many aged adults face this and it is a common problem. It can be caused by Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or any other physical or neurological disorder. It can be treated with medication and controlled through preventive products.

What should Jacques cartier be remembered for?

he should be remembered 4 pooing in the toilet instead of on the lawn... he is a ding dong doody head. J.K. (just kidding) he was great.

How do you stop your German shepherd from peeing in the house?

Toilet train him perhaps. type in'how to house train my dog' in google.

Is it normal to eat toilet paper?

No, it is not.

Is it normal for your poop to smoke or steam in the toilet?

If you've had too many habanero peppers, it is normal for smoke to come out of the toilet as well as the sides of the ears.

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