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Yes, of course. many people do it. Most prefer the get waxes because of irratating razor bumps, but it is not like you have to.

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Q: Is it normal to shave your pubic hairs witha razor?
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Is it normal to shave your pubic hairs with a razor?

A razor is probably the best thing to use, it makes more sense than using a spoon. Many people shave their pubic area as many (males) shave their face. The normality of it is purely cultural.

Is it normal to shave pubic hairs?

Probably not.

How often to shave pubic hairs'?

You should shave ur pubic hairs' once a month. That is how often I shave mine.

How do women shave their pubic hairs?

using their cold razor --- yess i do , it feels way better

Is it normal for a women to shave her pubic hairs?

The only ones you want to date do.

How to shave pubic hair?

Trim the hair first. Take a warm bath and soak a bit. Use a good shaving cream and a new razor. Shave in the direction of the hairs.

Are guys supposed to shave there pubic hairs?

No, guys are not supposed to shave their pubic fact no one is supposed to shave their pubic hair. We have pubic hair for a reason and shaving is not healthy as it risks irritation, ingrown hairs, damaged skin, infected ingrown hairs, cysts, and increases risk of some STD's.

What are some tips to avoid razor burn when shaving pubic hairs?

There are a number of tips that may help one avoid razor burn when shaving pubic hairs. It is stated that this is best done in the shower as the pores will be open and one will have a closer shave. Using a shaving gel or cream can also provide a barrier to avoid razor burn. It is also suggested to use a new razor when shaving.

How do you get more pubic hairs?


Are girls supposed to shave their pubic hairs?

Its not absolutely necessary to shave pubic hair but girls do it to maintain good hygiene.

What do you use to shave pubic hairs?

=== === == You use a normal shaver and use some shaving gel but be very careful you don't cut yourself it would be embarrassing having to get help. Don't use your dads razor though its unhygenic.

How do you trim or shave pubic hair?

a razor...

Is it bad to shave your pubic hairs?

no, not at all

Is it gay for boys to shave their pubic hairs?

no it is not

How long does it take to grow back your pubic hairs after you shave your pubic hairs?

About two to three weeks should have them back to normal == Your hair grows at the same rate all over so you can work it out by how often you have a haircut.

Will pubic hairs grow longer and faster if trimmed?

Your pubic hairs grow thicker when you shave. But when you trim it grows out how it usually does.

What type of razor should you use to shave the pubic hairs on your vagina?

- Quality razor with disposable heads. - Electric razor - Razor with multiple heads. - Razor with a pivoting head. Those razors can give you smooth, close shave. Don't forget to exfoliate before shaving and apply moisturizer afterwards.

What percent of girls shave their pubic hairs?


If you shave your pubic hairs will they grow back?

yes they will.

Do most women shave pubic hairs?

My girlfriend does

Should guys shave pubic hairs?


How do you shave your pubic hairs for guys?

i think guys shave their pubic hairs is because they are gay. trimming it works just as good. but if you really want to don't use a razor. get a electric shaver. does a lot of the work for you. I beg to differ Dear My Husband is not Gay,I shave him and the reason being I find it more attractive and To be clear Oral sex is much better. A few hints for those who do Shave Use a Fusion Power razor that's all we both use. I have never been cut and always shave with the grain although we both shave against the grain with no problem it is not recommended. And for the Electric Razor Not good for us. I used a trimmer the first time but a Electric Razor burns both of use. I will also mention it is great fun grooming each other also

Best way to shave your pubic hair on your balls?

With a razor

Do you need to use a bikini razor to shave your pubic region?


Do pubic hairs have a function?

One AnswerPubic hairs have one function: discomfort. Some people like it on themselves or a partner, but others find it distasteful. It all depends on what you like. If you don't like it, just trim it, don't go Brazillian. If you shave it to the skin, you will get razor bumps, and I would rather have pubic hair in small amounts than have unsightly razor bumps. Another! Pubic hair keeps us clean.