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I have read nothing in any of my medical books that states a woman may sometimes spot orange but you should go see your Doctor immediately. I HAVE spotted orange! I was told by my doc it was normal only because I had just had a baby. I have had three kids and this only happened after my third pregnancy. But when it got more and more watery and I felt pain, I ended up having a uterine infection and had to take special antibiotics for a long time. I would definitely see a doc.


I spotted orange with my second baby in the first few weeks of the pregnancy. My doc said it was something to do with urates, and I gave birth to a healthy baby.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-10 19:50:02
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Q: Is it normal to spot orange while pregnant?
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Does everyone spot when their pregnant?

no everyone doesnt spot while their pregnant.

Is it normal to spot while pregnant?

No, If you are spotting or cramping you should contact your Dr or go to the ER immediately.

Is it normal to spot or bleed while being pregnant?

no. any bleeding should be brought to your doctors attention

Is it normal spotting at 5 months pregnant?

is it normal to spot at 5 months is it normal to spot at 5 months

Is it normal to spot blood while pregnant?

NO!! If you are spotting.Consult your physician ASAP. You could most likely be having complications

Do you have to spot to be pregnant?

Absolutely not. In fact spotting is not normal, common, but not normal.

Does it mean youre pregnant if you spot while taking birth control?


What does it mean when my pregnant guppie has a reddish interior on her Travis spot?

It is normal for a pregnant guppie to have a reddish interior on her Travis spot

Is it normal to bleed while you are pregnant in first first month?

It is normal to spot lightly-medium bleeding. If you are bleeding very heavily go to the doctor, this isn't normal for most to costantly bleed

What does it mean when a black goldfish has a orange spot?

If the orange spot is like an ulcer then it needs medication from your local pet store. If however it is just an orange scale or two then that is just its normal colouring.

Is it normal to spot a couple days after sex if i hadn't had it in a while?

no it is not normal

Do you get the common menstrual symptoms when you are pregnant?

You can spot while you are pregnant and have some slight cramping

Is it normal to spot at 8 months pregnant?

Sometimes. But see your doctor to be sure.

Is it normal to spot bleed when pregnant?

Mabe acutully but i would see a doc

How early can you spot while pregnant?

It is normally when your period would be due

If you spot for 5 days could you be pregnant?

Spotting is normal when pregnant, if pain is involved, contact your doctor. If not, simply take a pregnancy test.

What is a orange spot on tooth?

The orange spot on your teeth is plague building up

Will they take your kid away if you fail a drug test while pregnant?

probably not on the spot......

Do you bleed or spot while being pregnant?

no, any bleeding should be notified by a doctor

Is it normal to have an abbreviated period right when you begin taking the pill and is it normal to spot every once in a while?


Normal to bleed when 2 weeks pregnant?

From what I've heard in the past it's okay to have light periods, or spot. If you are worried, or it continues seek a medical professional. Your babies' life is your responsibility, You should get check ups while pregnant every now and then.

Is it normal to spot after your first missed period?

Yes. This is usually left over blood if your pregnant or implantation bleeding.

My guppy has a red pregnant spot instead of a black one what does this mean?

That is quite common. Don't worry about it. A gravid spot does not have to be dark or black. Your guppy is perfectly normal.

You are bleeding on and off it is light pink not red can you still be pregnant?

It is possible to spot while pregnant so your best bet is to get a home test

You are spotting alittle im trying to conceive you also have sore breast can you be pregnant?

Yes you can be pregnant you have a couple signs you can spot your first couple months and be perfectly normal.