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Is it normal to spot orange while pregnant?


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2008-06-10 19:50:02
2008-06-10 19:50:02

I have read nothing in any of my medical books that states a woman may sometimes spot orange but you should go see your Doctor immediately. I HAVE spotted orange! I was told by my doc it was normal only because I had just had a baby. I have had three kids and this only happened after my third pregnancy. But when it got more and more watery and I felt pain, I ended up having a uterine infection and had to take special antibiotics for a long time. I would definitely see a doc.


I spotted orange with my second baby in the first few weeks of the pregnancy. My doc said it was something to do with urates, and I gave birth to a healthy baby.


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No, If you are spotting or cramping you should contact your Dr or go to the ER immediately.

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NO!! If you are spotting.Consult your physician ASAP. You could most likely be having complications

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