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If you had a great deal to drink you could certainly still be legally drunk 24 hours later. I would not say it was normal though. If you got really drunk, it's normal to feel "a bit drunk" up to 24 later. It's called a HANGOVER. Your head is fuzzy, you're dehydrated, and your electolytes are probably off the scale. Contrary to popular belief, black coffee, fresh air or a cold shower doesn't help. Only TIME helps. During that time, don't drink any alcohol, drink juices like Gatorade, and eat small, healthy meals and take a multi-vitiman. THEN, be good to yourself and your liver! BEST, ADR I've been drunk 24+ hours after drinking. If you drink enough, it's possible. Not good or normal, though. After a binge, even when blood alcohol has returned to zero, brain function is still impaired- especially reflexes. this has been studied in driving simulators.

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What hours did Anne frank have to stay quiet?

during normal buisness hours

How long before you take a breathalizer can you drink?

You can take a breathalyzer any time you want after drinking. If you want to PASS a breathalyzer after drinking you need to know three things. 1 how many drinks did you have, how fast did you drink them and when did you have the last drink. For example: A 250 lb man can drink 5 drinks within 1 hour before becoming drunk then drink 1 drink every 40 minutes to stay drunk with a BAC of about .08 plus a little. More than that his BAC will increase by about .01 for every additional drink. So in a four hour period he can drink 9 drinks without being legally drunk and will probably pass a breathalyzer within 40 minutes after he stops drinking. A 150 lb. man drinking the same amount of alcohol will be legally drunk for another 3-4 hours after he stops drinking. In practice, it is better to wait at least 8 hours to be relatively sure you're not drunk. That is enough time for your body to metabolize a BAC of about 0.12, which is a very high BAC typical of heavy drinking. A BAC of 0.20 which is about the equivalent of drinking a bottle of whiskey, will typically be lowered to legal limits within 8 hours. Most people can't walk after drinking that much, but some can.

Can caffeine keep you awake for 24 hours?

Last week, after drinking 8 cans of red bull i managed to stay up for roughly 30 hours so i could cram for an exam. I still havent managed to get back to my normal sleep patttern though

How long are you drunk?

That depends on your gender, how fat you are, how much you had to drink, and how high your tolerance is for alcohol in your system. Most people will be sober in 30 - 36 hours after they have stopped drinking completely. (If you drank enough to stay drunk longer than that, you would probably suffer from acute alcohol poisoning.)A high tolerance for alcohol, BTW, is one of the first signs of developing alcoholism.

How long does codeine stay in your body?

72 hours. fat stores it for longer but drinking water will help clear it out faster

How long does alcohol stay in your system after drinking 8 shots?

Alcohol (in any amounts) will be out of your system in 24 hours or less.

How long do two 24 oz beers stay in system of a 145 pound person?

That is the equivalent of 4 normal beers. It would take over 4 hours for your body to metabolize that amount of alcohol. And you would most likely be legally drunk for the first two hours. If it is a high alcohol content it will take longer.

How long do you stay drunk?

1 hour

How long does alcohol stay in your eurine?

It usually stays about two to five hours, depending on how long it is until you urinate after drinking the alcohol.

How long does the food stay in the stomach before it goes into the small intestine?

about 2-6 hours is normal.

How long does 8 shots of rum stay in your system?

I would figure about 2 hours a shot, drinking water after your finished drinking will help flush out the alcohol, and keep you hydrated. Also everyone would have a different opinion on this.

How long does alcohol stay in the saliva?

till you are still drunk

How long do you stay in jail for drunk driving?

8 hrs

You are sick what do you do?

if it is just normal sickness, then you starve yourself for 24 hours, drinking plenty of water. then you try some dry toast. if you are ok with that, try rice krispies, and progress to richer foods as you go along. stay in bed cos it might be a virus so you could pass it on.

How long will alcohol stay in your system for a you.a.?

Typically, I have heard that you should stop drinking 8 hours before showing up for a shift where you do not want to be impaired.

What does it mean if you and a guy both liked each other and then he stopped liking you but you still like him and he still tries to kiss you sometimes but only when he is drunk?

It means bad news. Guys and girls are both famous for the line 'Honey, I only did it because I was drunk'. Talk to him when he has not been drinking and find out what is up and then stay clear when he is.

How long do the cranberry pills stay in your system?

Cranberry pills do not stay in the system over 24 hours. They are flushed out by drinking plenty of water.

Why is drunk driving bad?

While being drunk and behind the wheel you could take innocent lives. Drunk driving impairs your ability to stay alert and driving in general.

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My dog drinks coffee, so I wouldn't know about normal dogs without thecoffee. My dog also drinks alchohol, so he gets drunk.

Can a guy too drunk to stay hard still get you pregnant?


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Does beer effect sleep?

Yes. ETOH (alcohol) will alter the amount of REM sleep you get. You tend to stay in shallower states of sleeping while drunk, hence the reason many still feel tired after a night of drinking even if they do sleep.

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