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If you had a great deal to drink you could certainly still be legally drunk 24 hours later. I would not say it was normal though. If you got really drunk, it's normal to feel "a bit drunk" up to 24 later. It's called a HANGOVER. Your head is fuzzy, you're dehydrated, and your electolytes are probably off the scale. Contrary to popular belief, black coffee, fresh air or a cold shower doesn't help. Only TIME helps. During that time, don't drink any alcohol, drink juices like Gatorade, and eat small, healthy meals and take a multi-vitiman. THEN, be good to yourself and your liver! BEST, ADR I've been drunk 24+ hours after drinking. If you drink enough, it's possible. Not good or normal, though. After a binge, even when blood alcohol has returned to zero, brain function is still impaired- especially reflexes. this has been studied in driving simulators.

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Q: Is it normal to stay a bit drunk for 24 hours after drinking?
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